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How It Was Named | NBA Teams

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Music by Evan Schaeffer, 

Have you ever wondered how every NBA team got its name? Well I did too! I decided to take an unreasonably long time to research each team and create this video. Hopefully you learn a thing or two, too!  Each team is listed in the order that they were founded or became a part of the NBA.  And since location plays a huge role in the team name (like 50%) I also hit every move as a part of this video!

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0:00 Intro

0:20 Sacramento Kings
1:47 Detroit Pistons
2:41 Atlanta Hawks
3:44 Boston Celtics
4:11 Golden State Warriors
4:48 New York Knicks
5:12 Philadelphia 76ers
5:49 Los Angeles Lakers
6:29 Washington Wizards
8:30 Chicago Bulls
9:01 Brooklyn Nets
10:04 Denver Nuggets
11:18 Houston Rockets
11:54 Indiana Pacers
12:16 Oklahoma City Thunder
12:54 San Antonio Spurs
14:01 Milwaukee Bucks
14:28 Phoenix Suns
14:56 Cleveland Cavaliers
15:23 Portland Trailblazers
15:56 Los Angeles Clippers
17:35 Utah Jazz
18:43 Dallas Mavericks
19:16 Charlotte Hornets
20:22 Miami Heat
20:44 Minnesota Timberwolves
21:12 Orlando Magic
21:37 Toronto Raptors
22:14 Memphis Grizzlies
22:46 New Orleans Pelicans
22:36 Outro

Dan Gilbert Photo:
By Steve Jennings [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons



VJ33 says:

Chicago Packers is like Los Angeles Celtics

Blood Dragon says:

Hopefully the NBA adds a 2nd Canadian Franchise someday

AnAverage2KMobilePlayer says:

im pretty sure the Boston Celtics were made in 1916

Squid says:

Hopefully Seattle Supersonics return soon!

Miguel Lopes Rodrigues says:

Being from Europe, these changes in names and in cities is so weird!

Antoine says:

Still angry that the Nets left New Jersey for Brooklyn.

RaiderMatt86 says:

They were actually sponsored by Seagram’s distillery.

David Dorger says:

The Milwaukee Bucks are named for the Mule Deer, out favorite animal to hunt in Wisconsin, but if they ever relocate to Florida or somewhere stupid, it would be dumb to keep the same name. And if a team from somewhere relocates here, they don't have to call themselves the whatever name the got nows.

Fanofblueshockey 107 Goes places make stop motion says:

The Seattle Supersonics were really popular in Seattle so if I owned the supersonics I wouldn’t move them to Oklahoma City

eevee says:

As a kid . i alway thought the hawks logo was a pacman lol

TurboDieselDan says:

How about a video on team names that dont end with the letter [S] like Heat, Jazz, Avalanche, etc.

Fanofblueshockey 107 Goes places make stop motion says:

The grizzlies were supposed to move to St. Louis

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