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Thank you Captain Morgan for sponsoring this Epic Father’s Day Surprise! #CaptainMorganPartner | Subscribe – https://goo.gl/6MfSzH
Previous video – https://youtu.be/_9DVnPJHmGA
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Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Thank you all for your continued support, Go A-Team!!


Wyndi Gwitae says:

I'm a big fan of Howie love you guys

Trooper Gamer says:

I Love Howie!!

Jaydyn Waddington says:

Howie is like what in the world

Katie Dittberner says:

He was on the Ellen Show alot he is so funny

Joanne Espejo says:

Happy Father’s Day Howie
Alex, you’re dad is so happy to see the design in you’re dad’s car

Kimmy Vee says:

😂😂😂 what a good sport lol ps. That was such a thoughtful gift 🎁🚘🤣

seffi rotti says:

Tesla is like a big iphone. According to Good Girls.

Kathy Setaro says:

Regarding the twins –
'MIRROR IMAGE' Oh brother, is Simon miserable..!!!! Simon has to ask himself what ARE they, and what is he supposed to be judging?! They're ENTERTAINERS, for Heavens sakes!!! SO WHAT, if the kid says SINGLE PRINGLE, they're 16 years old!!! After all, the audience was BOOING Simon, no less..!!! They're excellent singers, dancers, and all of that POSITIVE energy most certainly does make you feel good! They're also a couple of clean-cut, good-looking young men. I LOVE their dad in particular, he's beaming with PRIDE. Not difficult – to see those boys have grown up surrounded by LOVE..

Aditya narayan says:

Today is not fathers day…i checked the calender

David Hu says:

You must be so lucky

Franny Fran says:

Tell him I LOVE agt

Franny Fran says:

Ask ur dad to tell Heidi I said hi

Franny Fran says:

Love ur dad!

KeepAdistance. says:

Comedian to comedian so funny

Diane Fascio says:

Way to go Alex!!!

Patty Sharp says:

I would love to have that car ,great joke, Love Captain Morgen .

Jennifer Hellmer says:


Jack Does Mut says:

you like smile more

Yahtzee Christmas says:

Wait does your dad work at agt

Ashley Lu says:

Why are you so mean to Howie? 'Comon, he's your dad!

Kim Nicks says:

Hanndsome son. He doesn't look like his-mom or dad though.

James Baker says:

No wonder your dad has become an angry man. 😡

But he is still a great judge on AGT. 😎✋🛎

Benediction says:

whats wwhith the smile ore hat go romen

John Smith says:

err.. I will like to own Howie's car
Howie………Can I please have your car…………..er.. Alex, talk to your dad….
Howie, I will even accept the car with the wrap,, Alex, talk to him, Howieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

puglover 0308 says:

Alex your dad is Howie

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