Hidden Details in New Battlefield 2042 Portal Trailer!

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Hidden Details in New Battlefield 2042 Portal Trailer!

Did you catch all of these details in the new Battlefield 2042 Portal Trailer?
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0:00 Hidden Details in new Battlefield 2042 Portal Trailer!
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Canalu' lu' Dorel says:

Bf 5 and 1 had great assets I'm glad they are reused, I hope they'll have the M1 Garand thumb

DaKrawnik420 says:

Clear portal servers after 24 to 48 hours seems fair. These are free servers. Say you have 64 player server made and it's only half full at best, what player wants to see that when they expected 64? Who cares about you and your friend, two whole people, no offense, but empty servers do nothing for anyone. You used to have to buy 3rd party servers for customization and to keep it active. Stop whining. These are free. Ask for a little more time. Ask for a way to save your server so you can re-add it with one click like a browser bookmark.

David says:

Need some clarification here:

Lossy said that we could in fact use 2042 weapons/vehicles without specialists but hasn't it been confirmed by DICE that this is actually not the case? Something about the player models from the old games not being compatible with the new weapons/vehicles is what I heard. Honestly, it will be such a bummer if they don't let us mix and match weapons/vehicles from different eras with soldiers that are NOT from that era. That would be such a shame and kind of take a huge chunk of the fun of Portal away.

Brad Bandicoot says:

Cant wait for 2142 content. Can you imagine mechs with current graphics?

TheBigSAM says:

I believe Dozer's ricochets can only be done when he crouches. At the start of the clip he is running and no bullets deflect, but when he stops and couches, hitmarkers start to show up

Max Myrin says:

Lossy and ghost gaming be like:👪

?????????? says:

hey lossy i dont think you saw but at 1:52 you can see the 2042 tank has a specialisation on it to equip a rocket gun/TOW launcher, thought i might pin it out cuz it looked really cool!

Hotline says:

Glad my brother gunter is back

TheLivingRoomHero says:

Create a terminator mode and protect John

Mgl 1206 says:

Pretty sure deflection is a crouch thing, it doesn't reflect if you're not crouched.

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