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'HERstory Of The World' Lip Sync | S2 E3 | RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

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Flashback to Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars when the Queens lipsync ‘HERstory of The World’ in a dance number inspired by bad ass female historical icons.

Season 2 Episode 3 HERstory Of The World

Performers: Alaska, Detox, Katya, Roxxxy Andrews, Alyssa Edwards, Phi Phi O’Hara, Ginger Minj

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Ian Himmelstein says:

Unpopular opinion: minus snatch game Alaska was boring and Katya should’ve won the season

snooperz says:

omg I just realised if the choreo was different Katya could of done a rip reveal of Diana’s revenge dress 😭😭

shiny_boi_cammi says:

Can some one (nicely) fill me in on roxxxy's character? I'm not sure what she is supposed to be playing

Claudia says:

God is a woman and has a Boston accent, I’ve seen it before

dia sophia says:

they didn’t give katya the Russian role.

SolarSoraka says:

this has to be my favorite performance

aphroditemakeup says:

Roxxxy Andrews Is great in the role of Eva peron

Henrik Larsson Eurovision Channel says:

Katya as Elisabeth the first or Cleopatra would be much funnier than Lady DI

Kandy Krush says:

I’m surprised Katya didn’t go for the Russian character.

Tyler Rouse-Kaminski says:

I only JUST got the diss in what Gingers part when she said "all of Russia is my stomping ground" as she stomps on Katya

Vinh Nguyễn says:

Im sorry im new to this, does anyone knows who that black pit crew is, i mean, hes cute af

Daren Myo Paing says:

Who's alyssa supposed to be?

Bboof says:

The pit crew don’t get enough appreciation

Liz says:

Alyssa edwards’ walk at 00:14 HAS ME DYING 💀

John Smith says:

Alyssa was THE best in this IMO

loli_ cvnt says:

I love how obviously Eve is a Britney homage

anne! says:

alaska's padding is so distracting, jaremi's verse sucked, gingers part didnt fit her at all, detox looked like a highlighter, and katya's part was so lackluste. Roxxxy and Alyssa deserved the win just for their performances here.

Scarlet Witch Stan says:


Mae Rucci says:

katya was set up in this ep

Fude Bubble says:

I think katya's song was good. It probably didn't match up with the Alyssa's but the vocals and the key change were everything

Rebirth says:

2:22 detox

4:03 roxxy

0:17 alaska

flowers for the dead says:

Detox makes me think of the neon lady from nanny mcphee

Andrew Mark says:

Sue me but Alaska was the weakest in this challenge. Katya did fine with what she was given. Ginger shouldn't have been in the bottom.

EliKat says:

I don't see how Katya's costume wasn't accurate
It looks really close to Diana's wedding dress.

Giorgia Di Ieso says:

Alaska looks so happy at 2:19

Zac M says:

I love seeing zero definition in detox’s wig the whole time

Lil bean says:

It’s weird how the girl that was god was the only one that could swear and not have a bleep I think idk

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