Help Me! I Can't Shut My Mouth! – Bizarre ER – BBC Three

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More about this programme:

A boring lesson takes a turn for the worse after a student yawned so wide during class that she disclocated her jaw.

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Michael Morley says:

Did u Hear that CRUNCH?!

Andrea Fry says:

I used to love this programme and so glad I found this as it was my favourite!😃😃

Dinosraur says:

honestly im scared of yawning, why are we so weak

JEX says:


BarclayGamers says:

I’ve been to that place to get a heart scan

Pulak Sinha says:

I think the narrator is her best friend

Omega says:

2:55 That cracking sound effect frighten's me abit.

karend169 says:

How many people started yawning, when they saw this?

Peppermint says:

When in first saw this I thought she had Karen expression

Nova. says:

the new pog face

Jihad Sali says:

" she said " ahaha aha ahahaha" LMAOO

Zachery Jequinto says:

Why is the narrator so sarcastic.

mini peeny says:



Holly full of lolly, yeah, i see what she did.

Muhammad Raqeeb Rafiq says:

please help

Muhammad Raqeeb Rafiq says:

hello doctor same problem with me…please tell me solution please or medicene

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