Help me hold on Travis Tritt

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toune et paroles



Feliciana Morine says:

Who's here in 2021? This song hits home. 🥺

Bowser Jr. says:

Steven Crowder brought me here

it's kind of a funny story... says:

My partner and I are going through a bad time and he just had me listen to this

Mary Baker says:

This I suppose to send someone don’t know when

Sylvia Farese says:

Nice throwback to 30 plus years; miss this country music.

Jackie Daniel says:

I saw,you first

Jackie Daniel says:

I don't know u

Jackie Daniel says:

You don't even know me

Cali&Jackie Macias says:

Baby come to me so we can talk

Tresh Martinez says:

This song hit'z really deep & i love all of Travis Tritt

Terri Wilson says:

Love your songs

Terri Wilson says:

Love your songs

Manh Khoa Nguyen says:

It's beautiful

Norma Romillo says:

It takes me home right on the spot.

Bernadine Tammarine says:

Reminds me of the love of my life JT…….he loves Travis Tritt. This song does it for me instant flood gates of tears. Obviously after 14 years we are not together so when I hear this song it rips my heart out. His voice is AMAZING all his music is wonderful. Along with Alan Jackson

lil reaper says:

I'm your biggest fan

Vickie Burkharr says:

One of my favs ❣️ always will very true it takes 2 to become one at all times . You where right all along !

Elijah Kalus says:

Where the men at trying?

James Parker says:

This song hits me right in the heart my wife of 30 plus years is gone left me two and a half weeks ago we have not spoken since I love her to death I treated her like a princess giving her everything she wanted I asked her many times to tell me that I did wrong with no response watching her pack her things and leave the house to go be with the other man was more pain than I could handle if she never comes home I will never get over it she was 14 and I was 16 when we met I am now 58 and she is 55 we have been together a lifetime she is my soulmate she is my everything and I love her dearly I would pay any price to have her back I hope she comes

TheresaM CA says:

Travis is a soulful emotion getter singer. The real deal.

Anna Hopewell says:

I'm just waiting
to see what happens.

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