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He Tried to Rob Me!

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Ramitheicon says:

Almost caught me lacking🤒

robert garcia says:

That guy asked if Rami had merch so he didn’t have to pay for it😂😂

Seanan Mignolet says:

Im from belgium 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

sleezy says:

pame ligo ellada

Undreamed says:

5:26 I thought bro moaned

Sebastian Perez says:

28:28 bro just woke up

Sebastian Perez says:

yall be coming around just for free shit no cap😂

Bugzpudding says:

im 21 thought he was older

Ayyden _ says:

We’re is your store

Owen Rhydderch says:

I love how everyone’s mom is “ they love you “, I really think the momma cougars want u rami

MichaelWay2Vile says:

Good luck hitting 1 mil

Urixllll says:

love from sweden

Carlos Soto says:

bro really was gonna leave with the shoes😂

PietroBonfy 06 says:

keep going rami! i been following you since 5k. 1 million is closeee

SEMLord says:

he said "you wear shirts" 💀

Micah Anthony says:

yo wasp rami how are you doing

Marco Creed says:

205 + 350 so 510? What the fuck kind of math is going on here…. Should be $555 he said $550 first than when seller asked for 205 he said $505 and got tripped up than said 205 + 355 = 560 and paid $510 you owe this seller $50 honest mistake but wow not even caught during edit?

Mitchell Kremers says:

This guyyy😮

Vanity French Bulldogs says:

22:38 THAT LADY NEEDS HER ATTITUDE CHECKED lmao should’ve taken her to the storage room real quick 😏

Reseller Preme says:

awesome video!!!

Omar Rojas says:

yo bro you owe the guy at time 20:09 45 more dollars you wanted 350 for the 4 an 205 for the 9s you got give the man his money worth ramiiii

N Milligan says:

Those Flyknit going for $600+ I’m surprised you passed

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