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Happy Birthday Rob

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Recorded on February 1, 2012 using a Flip Video camera.


MJ Cascone🧃 says:


Fame For Sale says:

And I thought I got bad birthday cards…

Razor Rob Cole says:

Thanks, Fritz! 😁

Rob Pickett says:

Thank you sir

MrSupahlovah says:

I've been getting this same card from this guy for the past few years. He's saved so many dollars!

Some Guy says:

Its my birthday today and my name is rob. Thanks. Glad you saved money.

Dena says:

I Love this!

Xsolent says:

At least he put some effort into it. 

Hamm & Beef says:

he probably spent 3 hours uploading this

bananaswag45 says:

i am truly flattered

Joseph Naylor says:

You went through the trouble of buying Rob a card, filming a video message and reading it to him all to save money? I think what Rob really cares about is hearing from you, not how the card is Hallmark.

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