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Happy Birthday, Hugh

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Not classically trained, by the way. #HappyBirthday #HughJackman


yuval158 says:

What was this show?

The Traveler says:

"Every staff member, I want you on the stage right now…"

( crowd and everyone at home anticipates some grand gesture by Jackman as a public thank-you to the staff )

"Ryan, no one likes you."

The MAN says:

How on Earth did Hugh Jackman ever become a "star"?

Marley says:

Ryan: “Hello Hugh”
Hugh: deer mode activated

roy keane football player says:


Adverd says:

i got bday on 12th oct !! thanks reynolds

Rippi Zarsoff says:

IMO , Ryan Reynolds can do no wrong …..he is not only gorgeous , but a wonderful husband and father…oh and he is a really funny guy !!!!!! What more could us girls ask for in a man !!?? Funny stuff !! xxx

will o' wisp says:

This will never not be funny, especially that brief moment of panic in his face when his head whipped around

Blue Robin says:

Can't wait to have this incredible guy back as Wolverine!

James Parker says:

I appreciate this video even more since they just announced Deadpool 3 😭🔥

rFLx charlie BGMI says:

Hugh Jackman parsanality body language & voice so similar in Hritik Roshan 😳🙄

ddkjok didik says:

Ryan Reynolds real life Deadpool 😂

R says:

MINT is hugh's p00s, so Ryan Reynolds sells you waste created by twinkle phaggy goobs making tee tahs in eachothers goon booshes

123Maths School says:

Bhai gujrat se vapis aakar gaya hai aur dandiya ab bhi thaame hai 😀

Luke M says:

FINALLY! Hes coming back to life… thanks to Ryan Reynolds

Sri charan says:

Who are all here after ryanrenolds announced returning of hugh as wolverine

Evil_Befall says:

Ryan : Happy birthday hugh wanna play wolverine one more time

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