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Hands-On with New iOS 14 Features!

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Apple yesterday unveiled iOS 14, the newest version of the operating system designed for the iPhone, and we thought we’d go hands on with the new software to give MacRumors viewers a sneak peek at all the features.

read more – https://www.macrumors.com/2020/06/23/ios-14-hands-on

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David Stevens says:

When will it be released

JuicyGamer Lol says:

Also when you connect a Bluetooth earphone you get a mute switch style notification showing the product name (even when changed it will show the new user rename) but does not tell anymore info

Jeroen De Cloe says:

The problem with Maps is not so much these new features, but a lack of data outside friggin’ San Francisco. As an example, Apple Maps performs WAY worse in providing accurate and complete data when in the Netherlands. And unlike Google, their version of Street View limits to just a few cities. Which makes the promise nice and all, but in practice is still as useless as a few years back.

AJ Gaming says:

I'm still waiting for apple to release any app lock update officially.

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Joshua Lombard says:

Some of these features are nice, and should have been brought to the phone long ago, but I still can't believe you can't customize the lock screen with "widgets" too! I just want to be able to see the weather or the battery life for example… Have to wait another year…

Nate Cantalupo says:

So happy they finally caught up to Android! Many of the new features have been standard on Android for years 🙂

Lars Møller says:

Widgets? Really? Fantastic. Said no one ever.

Halsten says:

Is the folder UI still the same?

Bigathleticryan Oml says:

Bruh ion see the widgets

Ragheed AlHyder says:

Can you confirm if cycling directions are available in Europe? On Apple's site it is mentioned to be restricted only in Big Sur's page.

Cubs City says:

How did you get the giant battery percentage widget on your home screen?

Skye says:

is it weird i already have it- 😭. took like 30 minutes to download it but this is awesome!!

danieł says:

this update is dope af, just got it on my phone 🙂

bashir mutebi says:

Any link to that wallpaper? It’s beautiful

Piotr Chylarecki says:

1:46 What's up with the padlock icon below some app icons on the App library search alphabetical list?

Duck_yuckington🦆 says:

I keep on getting more and more excited for this update. The last time I was this excited was for the AirPods Pro (I got them for Christmas and the whole time before then I was excited)

Lennon Utana says:

When will be out this ios 14 sir?

Gio says:

I can already feel my iPhone 6s+ burning up

The Dangerous Summer says:

Yo, we see you are bumping our new album. Thank you 🙏

pam oakes says:

How did you get the small battery widget to display the percentage? Enjoying the beta. Very stable for a first beta.

Cathy58 says:

𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕒 𝕦𝕡𝕕𝕒𝕥𝕖!! 𝕥𝕗𝕤!!🌟

Noah Cramer says:

Just got the dev beta, I love it

Newfoundland Westcoast says:

Can someone please know when the new 2020 Apple TV will be for sale?

Kamil Studios says:

Nice & simple home screen you have there. I've started imagining to customise my home screen as minimalist as possible 😁

Oleksandr Kovalov says:

Most of the users probably think – "ok, lets wait for the version 14.1_hot_fixes" and then will upgrade, because it became a habit to have x.0 versions full of bugs and critical issues.. (since 9.0 if I am not mistaken)…

ritesh parmar says:

Let Apple 🍏 remains Apple 🍎, don’t change to Android 👎

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