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Hamilton | Official Trailer | Disney+

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Experience the original Broadway Production of Hamilton, streaming exclusively on Disney+ on July 3.

“Hamilton” is the story of America then, told by America now. Featuring a score that blends hip-hop, jazz, R&B and Broadway, “Hamilton” has taken the story of American founding father Alexander Hamilton and created a revolutionary moment in theatre—a musical that has had a profound impact on culture, politics, and education. Filmed at The Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway in June of 2016, the film transports its audience into the world of the Broadway show in a uniquely intimate way.

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Diane Heard says:

Phenomenal! Enough said.

mandarinduck says:

The background music with the pan of the Disney logo castle, the fireworks and cheers is so perfect together.

Watanabe Eno says:

I wanna watch this but disney+ isn't available in my country :((( someone help please

Z_boy2008 says:

don’t waste your time watching it it is not worth it i got so bored watching it

Tofu Chan says:

People: *see that they don’t have Disney +*

Also those people: “Fu-“

CassandraK says:

This looks boring as hell. But they look talented.

Kayla Bryant says:

ArE yOu AaRoN bUrR SiR?

Ravenclaw BNed says:

Everyone is talking about Alexander and the sisters being Disney Princesses but we all know King George the III is the real Disney Princess.

Ted Negurski says:

Why is it wrong for white actors to play asian roles, but it's perfectly okay for a bunch of black and a Puerto Rican dudes to play the founding fathers?

The Weirdo Squad says:

Who else watched the movie and spent a good minute focusing on the moving floor?

micheal wilford says:

What is the song at the beginning?

Justin Y. says:

rhyming father with father with farther. what lyrical genius came up with that?

Alexandre Gagne says:

Black actors playing famous white people is fine? But a white actor can't play a fake cartoon character of color? Got it!

Abigail Gould says:

Damn! This trailer gives me goosebumps and makes me so freakin' hyped every single time I watch it…..and I've watched it a hell of a lot

Wylie Hixson says:

This play is just legendary. That’s all I can say

Randle McMurphy says:

The cultural appropriation in Hamilton is undeniably hypocritical.

InterestingEnough says:

Worse play ever

Jess Mess says:

Me: ad pops up while innocently watching youtube videos …. sighs and looks at girlfriend sleeping peacefully

Jenny Ziegs says:

Omg 😭😭 This is the one thing that will actually make me buy disney plus… I’ve known every word of the soundtrack for forever

Spiderman_ View says:

⮚ Hamilton (2020) ⮘
WATCH HERE ► ► t.co/89ed1DOCqF?Hamilton.2020/juenk


Oinker says:

Me : Has Disney+ for the Ducktales reboot, but has already watched all of it and ready to cancel
Hamilton and Disney+ : I’ma do what’s called a pro gamer move.

Natearl13 says:

Everyone: Omg I remember my Hamilton phase!

Me: Look it’s the guy on the 10 dollar bill!

Jim Firch says:

Why are black people playing white people if it was the other way around the media would be up in arms and calling for actors to be fired. Oh, that's right liberal hypocrisy!

Pathfinder767 says:

It appears to reject victimology. There is hope for America after all.

Linda Marin says:

I feel bad that we will never see it because we do not have Disney Plus.

Adam Craig says:

Wait, so pictures of a white jesus is racist but this isnt? One rule for some…

Ivan Palomares says:

Am I the only one who doesn't know who the fuck hamilton is and have no idea about the play😂, the homie was all excited for this shit

tragicomedy says:

Da da da daddaa… daa da da du dayyadaa… da da daddaa… everybody…

Mauricio Wilde says:

Why is this considered a movie?

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