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Hamilton | Official Trailer | Disney+ (2020) Reaction | Watchin' It All

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The latest Broadway sensation Hamilton is making its way from the stage to the big screen on Disney+! On July 3, Hamilton will turn the world and Disney+ upside down! #Hamilton#Hamiltonmusical#Hamilfilm#LinManuelMiranda #TrailerReaction

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Starring: Tony Ospina and Hannah Crouch
Edited by: Hannah Crouch

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Rumana's Movie Blog says:

Amazing Reaction loved it. I love this sound track. So excited it's coming to Disney plus. 😊😁

June Derboghosian says:

I’m so excited because I’ve been listening to the soundtrack since 6th grade not that long and I know all the songs and fell in love with it.

Justin Hamilton says:


Armonia _ says:

Hamilton is my new favorite Disney princess

Movie Meals says:

I loved your reaction and your content! We reacted to the new trailer as well, check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUhd0lpCGf0&t=57s if not its cool, don't mean to spam. I just want to share the love! Keep up the great work and RISE UP!

Thiago says:

Whyyyy Disney+ is not available in my country, omgd?! Many person's here LOVE Hamilton :/)

Annabelle Lee says:

Love this! Thank you for reactiong 💜💜

mewgulf 8 says:

Now this, this is what I call a masterpiece ❤

Tirada do meu mundo says:

I crying watching this trailer 😭😍 that's so beautiful 🌟

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