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#Hamilfilm Comes To Disney+

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The revolution comes to Disney Plus July 3. #Hamilfilm


Autumn’s Bloxburg Adventures says:

My cousin: “So who’s your favourite Disney princess?”
Me: “King George the third.”
My cousin: visible confusion

Patriot Mapper says:

I was “helpless” when it came out, and “satisfied” after it was over.

Valorant: Ascent says:

Lin: *gets a call from disney. Disney: Lin, would you mind making Hamilfilm for us? Lin: …… K *cuts the call. Time to grow my hair and iron my jeanssss

Moonlight Zoey says:

The trailer was so well done. I’m not emotional, whenever it comes on I tear up. Well done.

シEmily says:


floryn says:

i don't like hamilton what am i doing here

PA says:

I don’t live in the United States

Zoey says:

Is it bad that every time i walk in to my bedroom i say "Alexa Play Hamilton"
Btw Im listening to it rn lol

花木Joyce says:

Let's just say now "I'm satisfied" having watched it every day since it came to Disney +

G r e e n B e a n ・ 97 years ago says:

Literally after watching Hamilton on Disney+ I get this is my recommended

Ella Huang says:

I can bet the new ones would’ve thought that Leslie was Hamilton they showed him so much

Blip Machine says:

Knew nothing about Hamilton. Spent a month leaving dislikes on trailers. Coming back to flip my dislikes 🤦‍♂️

Ella Huang says:

Ayo we gotta rise up

When we were livin’ on our knees we roooooose up

Dang tho finally

shakuras2000 says:

Lmao I got an ad for it while watching this

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