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hamilfilm but its just chaos (part one)

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part two: https://youtu.be/_fq9bJiUdNs

please dont copyright me i don’t own this. go watch the hamilfilm on disney+
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have a majestic day lol


Genna G says:

y'all, this has 10k likes, thank you???

Hummingbird Spark says:

The boop killed me

Lianna's gachaverse! says:

We don't need the shipping historical figures this is what I want

I am Phills says:

"Why so sad?" ☹️

It’s Mielda! says:

I love Lafayette just screaming “GIMME” when he rips the letter out of George Washington’s had at the end there and just runs off looking so excited. Daveed is a treasure

Dahappyorange says:

In my opinion Lafayette is the best character in the whole play, change my mind

Hello Jackie says:

peggy’s lil boop gets me every time 🥺🥺

Leighwashere says:

I literarily can’t finish the video cuz I keep replaying 0:25

《Alexander HamSandwich》 says:

2:56 I wonder that every second every minute every hour every day every week and every month 😤👌

Anne Branch says:

Lafayette is me when I dance

Rykashi says:

Haven't seen the musical yet but does King George ever BLINK

Sunflowerr says:

This makes me want to watch Hamilton for the 9th time this week

Layla Berry says:

Lemme say… this passed the vibe check

Jose Gabriel Nuñez says:

2:59 best flower boy

Alie Lacambra says:

0:42/ her face 🙂

ShyannDaWeeb Queen says:

I can't help but die of laughter😂🤣😂🤣

Ferligator says:

A considerable amount of this is literally just Lafayette

cheshire cat says:

Why so sad?


Xmb Xmb says:

peggy always looks annoyed lol

Xmb Xmb says:

omg I love this

The little roblox Potato says:

In the story of tonight one of the first senes Lafayette looks so drunk.. lol

Sara Isabelle says:

isn’t the entirety of farmer refuted just chaos? 😂

arii says:

what did you use to record?

Joshyboi42 says:

Ok I just wanna point out in you'll be back, after George says "everybody" look in the back left, there is a dancer that has no clue whats happening

chicken alfredo says:

respect for the book guy

Leinad M says:

This is a work of genius

Aesthetic_ Jojo says:


That one gay Is here says:

All praise book boy. Also there was no Jonathan Groff spit (did I spell it wrong?)

Bugsy! says:

eliza and peggy IN THE AIIIIIR

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