Halo Infinite vs Splitgate

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hats and other merch at https://dunkeyscastle.com/
buy dunkey figures at https://theyetee.com/search?q=dunkey

with https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFuiMfl-z4XjMbFGGJn1x-g



Aurelius Clark says:

Thank you dinkey very cool. Gonna go “buy” these games now

Chef says:

I would rather pay $60 for the customization and for them to add Australian servers

Orochi says:

I lost it at the teabag thing, this definitely needs to be into Halo Inifinite

Zac Oros says:

Halo plays better on series x

Gamma says:

Splitgate and halo infinite are free because they forgot to add create a class

Jay Ro says:

halo is so much better than splitgate tbh imo tbh imo

Carson Barry says:

FYI, my dude put a scripted teabag mode in H5 years ago. Will be redoing it for Infinite and it explicitly /will not/ be ripping off Splitgate, because we did it first.

NineCloudz says:

can pls restock beanie plssss need beanie )))));

Drop Off says:

Video starts @ 0:30
Video ends @ 0:45

Luiz Bezerra says:

Both for free, play both. Simple as that

bilishu aliss says:

Splitgate is the closest to Halo we ps4 boys will ever be. I hope those two games become a family

Dulliest says:

Merch soldout 🙁

Gabie Lil Doggie says:

Dunkey the hats are gone :'(

Night says:

What's the song dunkey used for the outro? I swear it's on the tip of my tongue

I'm shy, please be nice to me. says:


Phib says:

I’ve been having way more fun on splitgate than halo

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