Halo Infinite – The King Is Back!

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The Halo Infinite trailer has finally dropped and with it some news and the chance to speculate on what the game will be about! So that’s what we’re going to do! I’m going to give you my thoughts, interpretations and ask you to do the same! Let’s get the ball rolling and talk about Halo: Infinite.

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The Act Man says:

There are those who said this day would never come…

What have they to say now?

Tyler Smith says:

How was this THREE YEARS AGO???

Garrett Lich says:

We’re the hell is this trailer
Also thanks for your thoughts

MrHost56 says:

Wtf? This made 3 years ago? We knew about Halo Infinite 3 years ago?

captain saveahoe says:

Was the game delayed like 3 years? I dont remember this

Aaron Stallings says:

That thumbnail gets me every time

Stryxen says:

Only took 3 years for a beta…

Sweet Gav says:

Great to be able to go back and watch these. Time is flying. Please Please Please Be Awesome.

Benoh says:

It's almost here boys.

Donald Nguyen says:

343 has been teasing us for 3 years. Im so excited rn. 104 days in counting

זה סודי says:

That aged like fine wine

Kimberly Sabatini says:

This aged nicely

Michael Dipane says:

Jeez, 3 years ago and still not out yet lol

Colt says:

Back on this video the day halo infinite is being showed again at E32021
I just hope it looks good

Raptor2174 says:

Its 2021 and it's still not out yet😭

Brett boyd says:

I have come from the future to tell you that you were right. It wasn’t the in-game engine.

Sakata says:

come back here after gameplay reveal. LOL

littlecasino 5 says:

Something I liked about gow…the game looks better than the game play reveal

Michael keaton says:

If this game is to be the last masterchief game, can we all agree that has the potential of taking his place is Jerome 092 and not Locke

7 / says:

This is almost 3 years ago and we still dont have the game, it makes me sad

random elite says:

Doomguy looks at master chief: I'm going to sleep my son do good please while I'm gone

Thee Scoob says:

It feels so weird to see this was two years ago… I hope the wait is worth it 😖

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