Halo Infinite – Official Multiplayer Reveal Trailer | E3 2021

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Get your first look gameplay from the F2P multiplayer component of Halo Infinite from E3 2021.

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IGN says:

Heads up! 4K is still processing on this trailer. Thanks for your patience!

Brutal God says:


james reid-lourie says:

this looks very clean, real smooth

Java Scales says:

Destiny 2.0

jennifer martin says:

1:40 Yes ma'am!

OmniviumVelocity says:

They fixed the graphics! Looks much better than the video from last year

Leo Hagan says:

Welcome back Halo 😇

Crusader Boi says:

First on my list is running people over with a warthog

Ahmed Elmi says:

The one who is playing on the trailer: I've been training for my whole life

GrandNoble says:

halo is KING. xbox is KING.

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