Halo Infinite Gameplay Trailer Analysis: Are The Graphics Really 'Flat'…?

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The reaction to the Halo Infinite gameplay reveal has been mixed. Gameplay looks great, but there’s been lots of criticism of the ‘flat’ graphics. So what’s really going on? In addition to moving to an open world, Halo has transitioned to a dynamic lighting system – this opens up a wealth of opportunities but it also has drawbacks.

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jj guidi says:

finally they have impruved!

Jesso Madcity281 says:

Need a update on the new Gameplay trailers from E3 2021.

Dj Burp says:

Ahh awesome job damage controlling for the Dilip Dencer. 100% top bull💩👍

Jamie Robertson says:

This is the day NX gamer shows he's the true tech dude.

Gondala Satvarsh says:

Lmao halo fanboys even disliking digital foundry video where everything is based on tech and facts. Face it the game sucked back when they showed it, hence they are reworking the game and delayed it which is a good thing.

Wesley Brown says:

The compromise with Ray Tracing and how dark the darker areas will get is that Halo is really all about visibility and being able to see the enemies. H2A could get really dark where it made sense to be dark but also was taxing to try and track drones or whatever. just my opinion. The flat models are an issue but I also want to see the enemies, ya dig?

JW says:

My pc can run halo infinite and its not really a graphic demanding game

Gabriel PouPou says:

honestly i think the graphics are the best of the franchise. THe artstyle is so good

tinyentropy says:

It looked awful!!!!! I have never seen such a nasty AAA title. No textures. Buildings that are just geometric shapes. I HATE IT!

dustblowingman says:

Less than 8 months until we hopefully get to play this game with alteast RT global illumination. Also hoping it scales well on high end pc hardware

Doge of Dojima says:

Ay least they are delaying it and working on it to be the best it can be. I have faith in 343 that they will do justice to the game both graphicly and story wise

MrKenn1230 says:

One of the few videos you have done that I don't agree with. Great technical explanation of static and dynamic lighting and how it affects the scene, It looks terrible. There was pop-in in the videos (look at the distant mountains on the left around 1:35 in the video. If the dynamic lighting truly caused the flat surfaces and characters, the artists should have gone another way.

Jun123 says:

"Halo is open world now!"

Fans – "YES, AWESOME!"

Get ready for drawbacks though.

Fans – No.

Mario Zam says:

just by reading the comments it made me realized that this video is like trying to explain quantum mechanics to chimpanzees.

Pc Masterrace says:

Pandemic X taking L's at an alarming rate.

Dylan Muldovan says:

There is no texture on the gun.. I have a series X now and textures and lighting are amazing when done right.. this game will look better, I can't believe this is what they showed

Sherlock Homeless says:

1:40 those mountains look like they are straight from minecraft LOL how has this gone unnoticed?

Dime Keys says:

20 minutes of excuse making

shom@ says:

This is supposed to run at 60fps on base Xbox one
There’s your answer, it’s supposed to have weak visuals

Michael Pun says:

I mean, which Halo game looked good when it came out? Only Halo 2.

Let's Overanalyze says:

Lighting is responsible for lack of detail, foliage, pop-in, and flat geometry? Got it.

Nitro Glycerin says:

I don’t think people should expect linear based graphics on a vast open world type Game as All Previous Halo’s were basic linear shooters which are far less demanding compared to open world so I think part of why people are disappointed in this infinite gameplay demo is because instead of having ultra realistic looking graphics they’ve instead went for visually appealing video game type graphics which is fine because not every game has to be photo realistic these days as many have forgotten what it was like to play game’s which actually look, and feel like a video game as opposed to the generic photo realistic battlefield or call of duty type game’s of which are awesome but not everything needs to look like that as video game’s are supposed to be fun, vibrant, colorful, etc so Yea the old school Halo Art Style doesn’t actually bother Me although i agree it needs a lot of work at least on the Next Gen Version which should look significantly better than the last Gen version of the Game !


No excuses though as the Game Needs significant graphical upgrades at least for the New Next Gen Series of Xbox as there’s no doubt about that as those brutes look horrendous, and many of the other enemies need a lot of work, and Yea 343 definitely needs to at least push a little more realism even if they wanna keep the old school art style as don’t make the game to kiddie feeling or childish as it needs some balance in that regard even if it’s a video Game

The Lighting Ray Tracing will make the Game look much better but that’s obviously only gonna be for The New Xbox Series X/S as the last Gen version of Halo infinite probably isn’t gonna look much better than what we’ve seen in this demo as there’s only so much the devs can do with that old outdated hardware which lets be honest the Xbox One was already outdated, and woefully underpowered the day it launched all those year’s ago, and to think in 2021 it’s gonna run an open world Halo game is crazy so Yea don’t expect Much improvements for last Gen, however I think Xbox Series X/S gamers Will Be very impressed with the finished product once it’s all ready to launch 🚀

That Quiet asian kid says:

You found craig

That Quiet asian kid says:

It feels like watch dogs when i saw the gameplay

BeeTheImmortal says:

Microsoft at least did the right thing and delayed it. It seems they'd rather release a good game, instead of just releasing whatever to have a launch title.

K S says:

Halo Marketing could sell us snake oil like they have been since Halo 3. Won’t be playing Halo again. Story has been butchered, visuals are shockingly bad, gameplay sucks, dying community and marketing bs’s everything from storyline to graphics.

An Ngo says:

The game was built on an old foundation that doesn't age well at all 🙁

Mclane Smith says:

I prefer the photorealism over the cartoonish graphics

AloversGaming says:

Looks like a PS3 game.

ohthethings says:

I respect DF, but I think it's clear that this video didn't age well given recent news. The game just looked outright dated. They accepted that and made changes, meanwhile it seems like you guys are putting too big of an emphasis on only lighting.

I'm not saying that it didn't play a role. It just don't play the biggest role like this video suggests.

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