HALO INFINITE Gameplay Demo NEW (2021) HD Action

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HALO INFINITE Campaign Gameplay Demo NEW (2021) HD Action

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Carlo Bugarin says:

Umm… I think I just heard Octane on Master Chief's comm uhh….

ayoisthatactuallyisaac says:

Ha😂 4:21

Nameless Name says:

I just want a damn pelican to control I swear to god halo infinite been waiting since halo 1

federico facal says:

watts music piano 33seg ?

ᚠᚠNYCHOSᚠᚠ says:

just gonna buy it for the shield recharge sound

Titus Sandström says:

I start this video like every day just to hear that beautiful piece of music at 2:28. Love it so much

K says:

That Hispanic baby man voice, REALLY makes me not want to play this game.

juice box says:

This game is going to be shit like all of them except the first 3

Unknown Source says:


Kariq says:

Dialog and voice acting is amazing. Reminds me of halo 4 and 2

Zubaka says:

Halo 3 was the best game. All players was on the mic , joking , messing – most memorable times

Shirt Son says:

Why does Cortana look like a mass effect andromeda nightmare?

Noah Da Silva says:

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David Cooper says:

Still can’t beat the original halo multiplayer

T.K. Fox says:

I'm depressed that this might be the last Halo I play. I hate the direction everything is going. The 2 flights I have participated in have brought more doubts than assurance. It's like watching your best friend die and all you can do is watch.

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