Halo Infinite Gameplay and Impressions!

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Halo Infinite Gameplay finally got hands on with the Tech Preview on PC. Let’s get stuck in and see how far along the game is, what’s good, bad and everything in between! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.



inbox0000 says:

omg only 60 on that setup..damm this looks good

LionTrader says:

I'm extremely disappointed there's no thrusters

FeudalPoleCat says:

in halo reach so fun

SMG4 Gaming - Poppy from DreamWorks' Trolls says:

Aim Assist ugh.

juice box says:

The graphics are shit. This game is another flop, BORINGGG

Harley Ross says:

wow the graphics look very reach inspired i love the gritty realistic look much better then the halo 4-5 everythings perfectly clean plasticy look

sevay says:

I hope playstation player would be able to play this game its kinda sad for them ho and also ill get rid of my xbox s to buy the series x at the first occasion!

Ghost McQueen says:

Free to play what more do you need to know.. peace of krapp..

Tobias Fünke says:

Pretty hyped for this on my SX

Sliider says:

wait, so how does this look different than halo 5 again?

Sven Westkamp says:

Call of duty infinite

LetBIRDMAN101 says:

Splitgate is better than this

LetBIRDMAN101 says:

U can’t even run bruh

LetBIRDMAN101 says:

At least they upgraded some of the graphics

Gastly 忍 says:

Definitely seems 343 redeemed themselves with the customization.

PainBlame says:

Am I the only one here who thinks this gameplay feels like an upgraded Halo 3?

9Packin says:

It looks like crap…

God is real says:

Splitgate is better than this already.

Gray Fullbuster says:

Im pretty excitied this will be the first Halo game i've bought since Halo 3.

Charles Lee Ray says:

Splitgate is better

Vier Fufzig says:

Will it also be released for PC ?

HeadRush says:

60fps on a 3090, not a good start. Imagine what people are going to get on 1080's / 970's.

john quinones says:

where's the BR mode?

Strangejett13 says:


swanksta says:

Halo Infinite MP PC is gonna be free!!!

Louis Dale says:

“running a… 3090 graphics card.. and uhhh… amd 5950 X… pretty high specs ig”
how humble of you.

only 60/70fps with that is sorta worrying ngl

Mike says:

How is 60 FPS not good?

tiktokbang says:

Halo Reach vibes for sure

jkralle says:

The new halo looks really good. But I think it needs some blood textures on the walls or the ground when an enemy was hit. So the Game would look more realistic 😉

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