Halo Infinite: Full Slayer Match on Xbox Series X Multiplayer Gameplay

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Watch a full 4v4 Slayer match for Halo Infinite’s free to play multiplayer running on the Xbox Series X.

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Mommas Cookin says:

Watch how fast this game dies everybody wanna be like COD SMFH this is NOT HALO

Mommas Cookin says:

This is way too fast paced, def nothing like halo where it involves more tactic/strafing

stupidiot says:

Between Halo, Battlefield, and Splitgate, I’m going to friggin love the next 2-3 years of gaming

Joseph Dundee says:

Looks pretty much the same as the laat game. Like exactly the same…. oh boy

Chill Money says:

Apex looks and plays way better than this. This is underwhelming.

jordan weatherhogg says:

What ranking system will this game have

RedstoneGaming says:

This could be 4k 60fps with ray tracing and yall would still be bitching 😂😂😂

Maestro Stefano Petrini says:

You can smooth it out as much as you like, but a mediocre game remains a mediocre game

Lex Lee says:

Looks as outdated as possible… Meh

Neoncerealguy says:

Im excited but this feels more like cod because of the sprint and ADS

WarShadow says:

So this is where Destiny crucible comes from, both look very similar

Sebastian Ecke says:

looks so boring, also the world feels cold. way to clean

Michael Long says:

This dude sounds like Ryan Reynolds

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