Halo Infinite: A Hopeful Disappointment

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The big gameplay reveal for Halo: Infinite has finally released! And the results have unfortunately been… Polarizing. But how to make sense of it all? Does the gameplay look promising? Why are the graphics so underwhelming? With only 4-5 months left to develop the game, 343i has got their work cut out for them. Let’s take a look…

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The Act Man says:

When you first saw Halo: Infinite's graphics, were you blinded by their textures?

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Andy Dandy says:

Nah bro imagine if they started playing ODST soundtrack in the sad or lonely parts like if there was an Easter egg of a ODST helmet and the soundtrack starts playing that’ll be hella lit

Mac says:

It wont be free to play, it comes out in 4 months🤣

Xavier St-Pierre-Trahan says:

Seriously, am i the only one that find the hairless brutes to be weird?

Sara Nightfire says:

I know a lot of fans are celebrating the “spiritual reboot” and the “fans of old and new”

But I got a horrible feeling from that. So many times I have heard that and it was a disaster.

I am still hoping, but not nearly as much.

Master Vader says:

How things have changed….

Ben Gibbons says:

Definitely ment to be mind blowing I agree and even though this was a 6 month old build if you can’t see the difference between this and halo 3 you definitely need new glasses mr actman 😂

Big Man says:

i’m glad this game looks so much better now

Wasteland Legoshi says:

We👏need👏banished👏and👏volatile👏scarabs👏as👏new👏scarab👏fights👏with👏volatiles protecting👏bosses👏

Purple Shy says:

sorry nothing in this world no game in this world and i mean FKING nothing in this world can beat final fantasy. nothing can give final fantasy a run for its money. final fantasy is A MOTHER FKING GOD OF ALL games it the one and only legendary game beside what final fantasy is capable of it has live the longest life then any game combine. saying other game better then final fantasy is ignorant and any one can say its just my opinion but damn my opinion is better then any one

Oliver Mckeever (Student) says:

I honestly think one of the only redeemable things about halo four is that ar sound. god damn that's sexy

Wonkatar says:

i think they were wanting to show music wont be playing all the time since it didn’t always play continuously in previous games

TheHolyPeanut says:

14:43 Reject the Covenant, return to Monke.

SidewaySeal says:

Its not a finished game remember

Skizofrenia Gaming says:

Craig deserves his own campaing XD at least a easter egg or something on Infinite campaing would be so cool

Wasteland Legoshi says:

Chief: uses grapple hook
Drones: Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power.

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