Halo Infinite | 2021 vs 2020 | Campaign Trailer Comparison

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Hunter Legg says:

I really liked the different shade of green for the 2019 chief

Gansters says:

Now that I look at it I don't understand why Master Chief's armor was so pristine in the original trailer

Andy Garcia says:

Just seems the first one was meant for Xbox One and the updated one for Series X

Alvaro L.A.A says:

Sinceramente el del soldado que encontro a master chief estaba mejor diseñado en la antigua que en la nueva menos por la vestimenta que si esta muy mejorado. La v anterior se le nota mas machacado y cansado mas empresivo. Pero en general buenisimo

Myth Elementz says:

2020 helmet gives me halo 3 vibes but master chief needs his own look in each game so.

Pummel Weed says:

Am I the only one that thinks the intro cutscene suffers in a few ways?

french armi says:

On est encore loin de ce qui avait été montré en 2018, le remastering c'était le minimum syndical ….

SoKo says:

Teeth on the pilot are hella white for being stranded with little supplies lol. Looks sick I didn’t really notice the major differences till it was pointed out

J C says:

Halo copied Doom way too hard

Joel Zacarías says:

Es impresionante el nivel de gráficos que tiene esta nueva entrega
Enserio los desarrolladores se sacaron el sombrero 👍😎

Jacob Pieters says:

Ngl I like older version of Brohammer a little more

KoopaCamper says:

In the first cutscene with the chief and brohammer, I prefer the lighting in the 2019/2020 version.

thedreadedzero says:

It’s a night and day difference. More companies need to do this even if it means delaying a game a year or even two years.

shato sobietico says:

Mucho grafico

Equinox says:

So glad they delayed the game. Looks way better.

ChrisLikesitPure says:

There used to be a time and place in the gaming industry where “it’s ready when it’s ready” and “we will take the time we need to get it right” we’re common themes that have disappeared in the last 10 years. Games suffered. This an example of why game development needs to go back to those mantras. Infinite would have been a miserable mess if they released it a year ago. Instead they took the time to get it right and brought in OG Big guns in form of Joseph staten to make sure they didn’t mess up. Can’t wait to play this game.

Jesús M ortega says:

Las Gráficas Son Muy Chulas Pero Te Estabas Equivocando Por Que 2019 y 2021 ,
😅Me Equivoque?😆

Sara Valestein says:

It's a matter of taste i guess. The update looks more like Gears or Doom style with the hyper real looking reflections and over sharpening of textures.

MrKaxid says:

I’m going to go against the grain here and say I think there was a lot in the 2020 that was better than the 2021. In most situations, (not all, the warthog scene is an example where 2021 is certainly an improvement) I feel like the 2020 non-focused images, i.e., backgrounds or close-up foregrounds are actually better than the 2021.

Where 2021 is a big leap forward is the focused sections, these have very nice detail and a big improvement, they have missed something about how cameras actually react to near and far field. Take the split screen at 2:08 as an example. Our eyes and camera lenses will not focus on his hands, his face, and the distant background. If his face was from 2021 scene, and yet his hands and the background was from 2020 scene, this would force your eye to the key event and emotion (his face) and act as something really nice and true to what we look at. Find some really well-done portrait photos like wedding or action shots etc and you will see the bokeh in the background, and in some picture in the foreground as well, forcing you to look at the emotion the story teller is showing you. Everything that’s unnecessary is out of focus, even subtly. That’s only my opinion, and opinions are like arseholes, for better or worse we all got them.

Joseph Lyon says:

The game's art style was way better before. It was clean and unique Now it's just another gritty, over-textured mess that looks like a community mod. They had to give up on true material based ray tracing because the simpletons out there are used to baked lighting and textured gun scratches. They'd try to offer you next gen steak and you cried because you only like last gen hamburgers.

You guys are fucking clowns.

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