Guardians of The Galaxy Comic Con 2013 Recap

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Get the inside scoop on the big Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy panel at Comic Con 2013. The entire cast was flown in overnight from London where they had just started production. There was even a clip featuring the motion capture characters Groot and Rocket Racoon. Actress Karen Gillan even surprised fans by pulling of a wig revealing a cleanly shaven head for her role as Nebula.

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Vicious Rajang says:

she's a keeper..

james roche says:

I wish they continued a Stan Lee cameo even after he passed way. Shorly they can digitally add him even without saying anything. He is 1 reason we are all big fans so I have not seen Black Widow yet but I'm hoping for a Stan Lee appearance somewhere

james roche says:

Guardians of the galaxy at the beginning I was like Huh who lol. I was thinking oh God marvel it was great while it lasted. But only for James Gunn he made 2 great movies out of it. I only watch Volume 2 today and I was laughing out loud at it. Listen to them all arguments is like my own family. I guess we can all relate to people who argue but are a family deep down. Galaxy is one of the top movies of all time iv seen among with Back to the future trilogy which is my favourite of all time I'm just a lover of Sci fi movies in general. I'm currently watching all marvel movies in order of release. But I'm watching currently ant man and the wasp before Black Panther then after Panther I'm watching Thor then the Avengers stuff I was confused why they made a Ant man movie in between bloody infinity wars and Endgame. I started watching Iron man last week and with lockdown just opening up I'm a bit hesitating to go out because i have only one vaccine done so after Iron man I said let's watch them all again and I'm glad I am because I'm picking up stuff I missed and there just excellent films even though there like video games at times I just love the story lines . Like I never picked up that black widow and Hulk had feelings for each other duh but now I know lol. So I'm 38 and I'm watching marvel lol
I'm young at heart and I could be doing alot worse I guess lol

Naim Uddin says:

'Respect' is the only word I can say❤❤❤❤

Jake & Brandy Stapleton says:

Karen is hot lol

Cirill Parnó says:

Karen Gillan and Nebula as character is so hot and so seductive. I have crush on her because of her poses, flo and sensual movement in Marvel films.💐🥇💃😘

Hobby Bugs says:

Karen cutting the gorgeous hair off–

lightsone2 says:

I found this video late, but I always wondered what Karen looked like bald. She manages to carry it off quite nicely. Great sense of humor.

No music RC says:

Glad this wasn’t click bait

Amelia Alvarado says:

Across the POND.
Amy Pond.
Did she mean it like that?

Victor crack2.0phantomblox López velasquez says:

Karen gillan Is very Best out hair

BGM man says:

She is beautiful

Chris Daigle says:

Karen Gillian has a beautiful head. Wow, it's perfect. She has guts to let them cut her hair too.

DJQ 15 says:

You know that a woman is beautiful if she stays beautiful even without her hair.

Ara says:

que mujer hermosa karen😍

Violet Bunches says:

Why didn’t they just put her in a bald cap!?

Anuuu says:

Only karen I respect

BiteMyShinyAss says:

Why the hell am I watching a glimpse for a movie that came 6 years ago at 5 am

Arkin says:

She’s not the Karen you think.

American Freedom World Peace says:

Karen is so confident, I love how she's goofy and truly authentic and wholesome.. she doesn't care if she needs to shave her head, she isn't insecure about herself or her looks. As a guy, I really find her personality, genuineness, and confidence very attractive.. but of course, she's naturally beautiful too.

1Random Person1 says:

People make such a big deal that Millie Bobby Brown shaved her hair for stranger things but nobody talks about Karen

Fishbone _ says:

Holy s***! That scottish accent really suprised me lol

Greta says:

Wait so is she like bald NOW? Or does she have real hair?

Editor says:

I would only shave all my hair unless I’m going to a shaolin temple

T S says:

the guy talking next to the hot bald girl is cringy AF, can Thanos make him disappear for good?

Shivabegum SB says:


LizzyClara TimeLady says:

I wouldn’t have the guts to take my wig of

Hi I'm Fade says:

She looks like a PUBG character

Alien from area 51 says:

Amy Pond ❤️❤️❤️

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