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GRWM: First date makeup

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Hey babes,

filmed this quick get ready with me video while getting ready last month.

Was running late lol, so I couldn’t write down all the products I used – I’m sorry! ;*



misstorious says:

I really like this look but you don't show or say or list the products at all so it's not very helpful. You should redo this gorgeous look with some instruction so fans at home can recreate it!

Lee watson says:

what a gorgeous eye color!

R Wazir says:

Such good music and makeup look you don't ever make me feel bad 😔

Vanesa Stoynova says:

i have my first date ever in about a week and its sooooo scary


I am watching this because I am going on date 😳😳iam very nervous

Kasia says:

Damn, everytime I try to do my eyes first and then the rest of my face it is a disaster :p I first put foundation, concealer, powder, do my eyes, brows and then the rest.

Ally Lovee' says:

Song from the intro???

Claire Elise says:

I wish I could do my eye shadow the way that makes your eyelids "pop" from the rest, but I have such small leftover eyelid area after I do my eyeliner. Makes me so sad 😥

Katie Batista says:

I'm sooooo nervous!!! I have my first date ever next week!!!!

I probably dislike you says:

What's the song name?

ExistentialCrisisClub says:

You still look pretty without makeup on.

Neli LR says:

I'm good at makeup like I got skills but idk what I'd possibly wear on a first date (which I'm going on like tomorrow) and I don't want to overdue it so thank youuu

George Trifonov says:

thank you for the tips I will defenetly use it

Pilki says:

Big like !!!!!! I love how you do your videos .
and you are soooo beautiful !!!! A M A Z I N G

versaitzi says:

Thank you so much for this video! Im going to try to do this hahaha 🙂

Xx Karen Rosee xX says:

Years & Years💖 Great video

Digital Technology says:

whats the song???

TheNessa says:

You're eyebrows are a dream!!!

FacesByRoxy says:

soooo nice music

Patrycja Zegis says:

What's the song?

Andrianna Botoni says:

I want to go on a date with Laura .

Courtney Smith says:

Why don't you ever smile in your videos? I don't see why not, you're beautiful ♡♡

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