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Greeding Pallets for 5 Gens.. – Dead by Daylight

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In today’s Dead by Daylight video I’ll be attempting to greed pallets for as long as I can whilst also looping killers. These games turned out to be pretty hard to survive but overall they were pretty good. Ty for watching!

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Dead by daylight (DBD), an asymmetrical horror game, I play at rank 1 with builds such as the solo getaway build or the impossible to hook me build, to juke killers at rank 1, I love to run killers for 5 gens at rank 1 and do challenges at rank 1, like no pallets at rank 1, how to pip in rank 1 is good too. Dead by daylight has some toxic survivors and toxic killers who run meta builds to gain an advantage, I like to play with fun builds and less op addons, op perks or op builds, most op survivor builds and most op killer builds. Like the all seeing eyes build, the efficient survivor build, the instant heal tank build, the most underrated perks in the game and infinite sprint burst and head on, builds like the vault speed build to avoid dedicated servers or bad hitboxes on windows and pallets. How to counter every killer, even Killer Tier Lists, Gen rushing builds and Meta Builds, Builds to counter killers, Looping builds and more. I use inspiration for some of my videos from other players like The JRM with his .exe videos and Otzdarva with his win streaks, No0b3 with his once upon a toxic series and Ayrun with the vault speed build. I usually play with Feng Min or Claudette Morel.

Rank reset is always scary, rank 20 vs rank 1 with brand new parts and flashlights. I always upload the new chapter, new survivor and new killer when it comes out with the new update. I love using techs like the dumb tech, ayrun tech, cj tech, locker tech, enjoy the video!

I lost a bet so this is my description now.

Thank you guys for watching 🙂



Ctags_ttv says:

Greed pallet video** drops 4 pallets first game 😂 good stuff

Kevin Pöllinger says:

Please let a number generator decide which perks u have to play, so its COMETELY random….. that would be so cool

theo says:

i’m new here 🙂

xTeslas says:

Pls stream again they were soo good!

El Player de pokemon says:

6:13 Ah yes, the weirdest movement of all.
T e l e p o r t i n g

jose ramos says:

Can I play with you

LewJay says:

yessss a fuba video 🙂

Infinetlly says:

one reccomendation i would make, is to run self aware instead of iron will, if doing a build like this where you’re constantly being chased! it allows you to instantly fast vault any window or pallet as long as you’re holding shift! super useful for loops, imo more useful than iron will if you’re trying to keep the killer chasing you! hope this is helpful! <3

33-.Dom-33 says:

Whenever I see a youtuber/streamer bullying a really stupid and laggy killer I get scared that it was me getting bullied…

Grim_Snowy says:

Can u do a video on Dropping every pallet not Shack pallet tho u can drop it but whenever u want but u have to drop every pallet u go threw

Grim_Snowy says:

Can u tell me a good survivor build mine rn is Windows DH Vigil and Resilience is that good?

Jonah Inchley says:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I love how he always talks about he’ll do something then cut when he dies and just shows that he got hooked. I just can’t 😂

claudette morel says:

3:33 old animation op

5ickly says:

cute how u gave trapper ur purple flashlight

Estrogen Fury says:

PP Head players love their built in tunnel mechanic.

Nick says:


CJ M says:

Again, I love the content. Wish I could get half as many subscribers as you, but I have an American accent.

Kevin Pöllinger says:

Could we all just sign a petition to ban Console players from playing Dbd?

Lari K says:

How the fuck did the feng get so much no mither value?

RadiiiT says:

best content out there rn keep it up

mer says:

bruh where are the default trappers who hard respect when i play survivor? 😭

DRD says:

"What did I do?"

The double flashlight save in the beginning probably had him pissy

Kuro says:

As a former tournament winner and semi professional Halo player (had a child early so had to quit playing) I can notice your subtle movements and I think that alot of people who criticize you and talk smack can't even see these subtle moves you make, which speaks volumes in their skill levels as well as to the skill levels of streamers they glorify (no offense to those streamers). But when watching your gameplay and seeing your movements and the movements of the survivors and the way you all mind game and how the survivors know how to perfectly extend loops shows just how big of a difference in skill your matches are vs others

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