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Jack Byram says:

Trisha’s voice🤢

Mystical Pineapple says:

Omg Jason is legit so funny

Kyiana Conver says:

awh look mrs. Doubtfire!!!

Shelley Mason says:

Omg I almost peed in my pants when Jason started talking like a trans so funny

Allisa Sankar says:

Later tonight I’m gonna have nightmares with that face in them and I’m sending them my therapy bill.

Mack Smith says:

All the girls in the comments are savages and I want to befriend them all

Michael Angst says:

This relationship was sooo weird. Jason can act like he is totally annoyed and not into her in a lot of videos, but will also dress in women's clothes and put on a face full of makeup for her

Chelsea Hart says:

You look like your Mom even more then normal with makeup on!

Melanie Russum says:

She did great on your make up. You look like your adorable mom!! 😍

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock says:

Really good for Halloween

Beatrix Kiddo says:

Tim Curry? Try Caitlyn Jenner.

Beatrix Kiddo says:

Omg Jason your diet tips make my butt quiver!!! You are so stupid! Have fun w that belly for the rest of your life.

Amtullah Stuardo says:

The exposing wasn’t even exposing it was like seriously that’s all you got them they’re good people

Amtullah Stuardo says:

Trisha really messed up a good thing how could she get so mad over him making a comment of a threesome it’s not that big of a deal he’s a comedian and it seems like he really sincerely cared about Trisha why would she messed this up it doesn’t make any sense to me

Alta Labare says:

You look like Kris Jenner

Shelley Mason says:

It.is funny it's hilarious 🤣

Shelley Mason says:

This is awesome 😂

Amanda Maria says:

Use a lighter hand and spend more time blending gurl then you’re golden

MRC_ 1995 says:

Is it meant to be like clown make up?

Nicole Saurini says:

His chin is like the Crimson Chin from the Fairly Oddparents lol

Leagh Michael says:

Jason looks like an 80 year old women lmao

Esmeralda Garcia says:

This reminds me of the time when Shrek got the makeover when they arrived to far far away

Mugiwara Senchou says:

The last voice Jason was doing sounded like Moq

julieann522 says:

Im sorry but …that looks like hell

cayrayandkrae says:

I laughed so fucking hard when Jason realized how bad he actually looks

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