GIB WINS! – Reacting To AnEsonGib VS Tayler Holder & YouTube Vs TikTok Fights

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The result is overturned! @AnEsonGib WINS!
We almost witnessed the MOST controversial decision in YouTube Boxing History when AnEsonGib CLEARLY defeated Tayler Holder & seem to be robbed of the decision by scorecards that didn’t even make sense. A few days later… justice has been served.

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Edited by Cristian Paz
Socials: ocristianpaz
YouTube: @cristianpaz

#VIDDAL #YouTubeVsTikTok



Pingu Pungo says:

Who is behind Viddal on that poster? Is it Crank Lucas? Sorry if I sound really dumb, I just don’t know

flynn deeba says:

Funny that Jake Paul has achieved more in boxing than you yet your suppose to be a boxer.

Lil j says:

Are you no longer ksi trainer ??🙁

Baxidouh says:

Oh my, how I love the end of the video.

shumail khan says:

U r just a youtuber now, bro. U r not a fighter anymore

isaiah Ortega says:

Bro u make so many views were u at i want to see you box man

Amerti TheBird says:

6:25 except there’s no bag here

Emeraldstar716 says:

Bro when are you returning in the boxing ring?

Tom Duncan says:

When is Viddal fighting next anyone know? It's been a minute

Corey Ramos says:

Yo Vidal Man Ik u won’t see this but u have been a big inspiration for me for a little while now and I don’t do boxing no more but im in state mma rn and hoping to go to nationals here soon but you are my biggest inspiration to move on and get better thank you so much for that ur the man 👊😁

Heroic Quest says:

I love your channel

ricecum says:

I wished you could’ve trained Deji if you did Vinny hacker would’ve been a dead man

Cole Macgrath says:

Happy birthday G

A.R.K. says:

Literally never seen anyone look and sound as kind, friendly, funny, badass, and terrifying as Vidal. Man’s just a G.

Arjay Allen Bucsit says:

Man should do his own tier list of boxers

Nathan Ellis says:

Can we get some basic boxing tutorials? I feel like it would be really helpful💯

michael oloyede says:

You should do a fight night legacy mode

B says:

Bro gib and jake need a rematch

Tharsan J says:

Deji is washed lit ep

Aaron Sanchez says:

When are you fighting ?

rida hassan says:

can you not say the realist channel on youtube it pisses me off

8ball says:

When will you fight again? Team real

William says:

When r you fighting have you quit go fight Jake or some shit make bare peas everyone fighting media stars may aswell get the bag nway fuck it I'm done talking

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