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getting our life together *glow up kinda*

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hope u liked elanas self care master class! comment what you do for self care 💗

watch the other videos in the series 🙂
acting – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sOZzjkScek&t=27s
art class – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr23MoDYjCk&t=12s

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Estela Espinós says:

how have i only heard about this band now?? and do they have any songs out?? i love them already such good energy

Mariam says:

I wonder why they turned their comments off on their latest vid?

Francisca Darrigrande says:

i can’t get the american girl videos off of my head whenever i hear elana’s voice lol

Galaxy donut LPS says:

queenie touches olivias hair olivias face olivia is triggered

Galaxy donut LPS says:

How old are y’all? Huge fannn

Paris Papielion says:

Lillians face during the breathing exercises I can’t

Xjue-x says:

9:31 Lmaoo that is actually pretty good 😂😂

Belle Haro says:

Is it just me or does Elana sound like Jordyn Jones

mockingjay fire says:

You guys are so cute 😭

Razelene Nicole says:

i watched every single one of your guys youtube vids within the past few days omg i love this

macayla.babayla says:

the vibes were immaculate in thisss

Jenny Chen says:

The diversity

lizzie says:

this made me so happy!!! ly guysss💕💕

adhya says:

y’all are such friendship goals i can’t- 🥺💞

Tony Nday says:

Omh they are so funny, i love all of them, equally

Soleil Imperial says:

Olivia is the most beautiful girl in Boys World

beck says:

you guys seem so fun!!!

Olivia Ruby says:

whoop whoop

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