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✭ website: https://www.chamberlaincoffee.com
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✭ instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emmachamberlain
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✭ snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/emmachambie
✭ spotify: http://open.spotify.com/user/emmachambie

-emma chamberlain


Mara 35 says:

Me leaning to the phone awkwardly for the forehead kiss LMAO👁👄👁

video star tapes says:

Emma’s a fricken mood istg –

Kaemon Wells says:

Emma can you like adopt me or sum cuz I am bored here😒

Natasha Ciao says:


Thembela Lugongolo says:

O9:0909:12……I thought the wifi was cutting again🤦‍♀️💖

pentunia RBLX says:

If I had Emma’s clothes and her closet I wouldn’t be depressed

Olive says:

I swear to god the alarm beep at 4:04 i was about to die

hannah says:

pov: me looking at emmas pinterest board realising we have all the same pins 👁👄👁

Random Donut Time says:

I laughed so hard when i saw your second outfit 😂

dreamvilleblue says:

Omg what website is that ??

kira knight says:

someone please tell me that foundation name

Bk Subs says:

Come to Christ yall!! While u still can! Turn ur hearts to Him💕

Faith Avery says:

The mirror story lol. Two weeks ago or so my cat ran across the entertainment stand and knocked over my tv and broke it. Had to go buy a new one today 🙃😂

Lily Hélène says:

Your skin looks so good !

Beraliz Germocen says:

No one:
Me: replays the kiss at the end so I get two forehead kisses 😗

niki boss says:

i love you soooo much

MaThaG says:

Ummm whats wrong with you? Are you okay?

Emma Flake says:

Why isn’t anyone talking about why she changed her profile pic. She looks great in it but I miss the old one 😖

weird child says:

does anyone know what foundation did she used? i need that in my life asap

vana reimers says:

her pfp is soooo cute

Hansinee Mayani says:

cannot get over your skin!! so pretty

Selma Brandt Schøler says:

i littereally fell asleep three times while waching this.. not that its bad, but just.. uhm shiit im tired

Shelly Dean says:

We love watching you change clothes I think it's automatically crazy good! My fourteen-year-old daughter loves you severely

Shelly Dean says:

Lol, the AC thing is so funny oh my God lol, now that is a , bit strange, but funny as shiz!!!

Georgia Fay says:

you look really tan and pretty i wanna be u

Shelly Dean says:

Your appearance is so beautiful and your way is so cool I wish I had known you when I was younger

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