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In todays video I decided to get my life together for the summer and glow up, kinda. I know that this video is not as long as other videos, but i promise you its so interesting and funny! Watch till the end for some funny bloopers!

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Aaisha Khan says:

Nice!!! You're painting is really nice and detailed!!! You're fashion taste is really nice!! You shouldn't be shamed of trying to take care of yourself, it's very important. Keep uploading and you will get more views in no time. My advice is to try to upload videos that are ten minutes or longer. Can you record more thrifting videos, and vlogs outside? I would really like to watch you do more collaborations with other channels since it would promote your channel and it would be fun if you did like funny challenges outside or reacting to other youtuber's videos.

Mihaela Cristina says:


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