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getting back into the swing of things – week in my life/glo up?

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this video is a combination of a week in my life, getting my life together (AGAIN lol), and kinda glo up? maybe? idk

enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe! ☺

𝙨 𝙀 π™˜ π™ž 𝙖 𝙑 𝙒 π™š 𝙙 π™ž 𝙖
β€’ instagram: @di.anahouse
β€’ snapchat: @di.anahouse
β€’ tiktok: @dianahouse_
β€’ pinterest: @di_anahouse
β€’ twitter: @dianahouse_

𝙛 𝙖 π™˜ 𝙩 𝙨 𝙖 𝙗 𝙀 π™ͺ 𝙩 π™’π™š
– im 17 years old
– i live in MD
– i use final cut pro to edit

β™« 𝙒 π™ͺ 𝙨 π™ž π™˜ β™«
frumhere, kevatta – warm feeling – https://thmatc.co/?l=6E210EF9
Gil Wanders – Ako – https://thmatc.co/?l=D3763EA5
Chinsaku – Blossom – https://thmatc.co/?l=68359F1
Bedroom – http://bedroommuzik.bandcamp.com/
Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com
ninjoi. – Acceptance – https://thmatc.co/?l=B8A61AE
Gil Wanders – Dreams – https://thmatc.co/?l=2B7A8F2D
Mark Generous – Neverland – https://thmatc.co/?l=6BFBD2FE
frumhere, kevatta – once upon a time – https://thmatc.co/?l=64211F3B

𝙩 𝙖 π™œ 𝙨
life getting my life together healthy glo up glow up week in my life

omg u made it all the way down here?! whoa! u da best πŸ˜‰
ily! β™₯β™₯β™₯


XoPandaGameroX says:


Edy Riley says:

Hi i love youπŸ’œ can you do a tour of your up stairs?😁

Simply Thelma says:

i have a video idea for you!
Dressing up as different aesthetics
lol idk i just thought it would be fun for u to do and fun for us to watch :p

Simply Thelma says:

Me when u said that u stopped drinker water:
:O wE hAvE loSt oUr WaTeR kWeEn
Btw as soon as u put the slug I noticed a different editing style πŸ™‚

Layla Alibhai says:

What video editor do u use???????

Hope Heinzle says:

hi it was my birthday a couple of days ago and you are my favorite YouTuber…. can I get a shout out?

Livia Molly says:

hi diana, you really inspire me, both with my youtube channel but also in life! Keep doing what you are doing!!!!

Cam H says:

Hey Diana!!! it's your cousin Cam. I've been watching your videos so much lately! They put me in a good mood and I love them so much!

XoPandaGameroX says:

I have Trina get a glow up ☝ i but a light bulb next to my head lol don't hate me it

Twigzy says:

My gosh your videos always motivate meeeeee! Love ya Diana!

joshnpaige says:

I love your channel I’ve been watching you for 6 months and I love the room makeover vids

Sophia Delcoco says:

Can you do a house tour??

tbh.itz.juliana says:

Wow your Channel is growing!!!❀️πŸ₯° congrats love you

Kendell Hagan :/ says:

My favorite youtuber!!!❀️

Hello Hi says:

I am rlly due a glow up, probably won’t get one for another year tho… 😩

Marissa Oso says:

You inspired me to get my life together before school starts. Love you ✨

Justine R. says:

Hope you got the bike ! Have a nice day :)) or afternoon I don’t really know what time it is where you live, I’m from France and here it’s like midnight lmao

Lucy_Moosie_ Goosey 324 says:

Just discovered your channel yesterday and I’m OBSESSED!! You’re so relatable and it’s amazing to watch your videos! Hope you enjoy your day!!

Richard Lemon says:

I love your videos <3

Claire Burgess says:

love you! also, can you keep doing these kinds of videos I absolutely love them!

Viola says:

LOVE your videosπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜…πŸ₯°

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