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Hello my love! Today we have a GET READY WITH ME… Virtual online edition! CLICK HERE TO GET BUMBLE:
Social distance may change the way we interact, but it highlights the
need for emotional connections, laughter and companionship.
Date digitally. Date from home.
From first move to first date, hit if off without leaving your house.
Bumble is transitioning from “dating app” to “app dating” where people
can find meaningful conversations and connections on the platform! @bumble_uk #bumbleDFH

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Danielle Mansutti says:

U in the shower… without me??? 👀

Plvuto BAE :D says:

me laughing awkwardly in online bf

Mary Donovan says:

Are you an introvert???

Alexis Krammes says:

WHY!!! Why can't you be gay!

Isaiah says:

She lowk looks like Madison Beer

Jessva says:

I loved the editing of this video!

Piperds 03 says:

Haven’t watched you in ages but glad to see you’re still wearing ur Minnie Mouse ears when doing your makeup 😂

Рая С says:

Where did your necklace with M go in the beginning of the video?❤️❤️❤️

Natalia Pilichiewicz says:

We all need to know how the date went!!!

Merlin arech says:


brianna hafferty says:

Can you tell me where your kettle is from??? Please!

AsparklingMartini says:

The fact that youre dating during a pandemic is irresponsible.

Bridget Johnson says:

I’m finally catching up on my YouTube and just want to say I love the way this is filmed!!! It’s like you don’t care what anyone thinks and you’re shining 🙌👏 please do more like this 😍

Sophie Thomson says:

Can you do like dating tips on apps?! Everyone is into hook up culture how do you change that 😩

Lucija says:

you are a scorpio yess my fave sign!!! im a pisces😜💞

Alyssa - says:

do you still use bondi sands I finally got it because you’ve always loved it wearinf it to bed right now !

Jenna Louise says:

Video request ideas:💖 updated hair care routine. Skin care routine. How you keep a flat tummy. Go-to tea and coffee recipes. Comfy day outfits. Love your videos!! They’re really keeping me going during this crazy time.

Jennie says:

Where is your necklace from girly xx

Ashley Renee says:

What is the song in the intro?!😍

Lexi says:

You’re actually so gorgeous tho 😭😭😭

raecat90 says:

Looking gorgeous!

Lena Lena says:

Before u put makeup on I thought u already had it on 😂 clear skin glowing gorgeous 👍🏻😊

Karleigh Cyr says:

I’m living for this new energy. Yes babe!

Lax says:

Thank you❤❤

Tea 4 Phie says:

Thanks for this, covid19 ruining my dating life

Martina Mingardo says:

I love your mood ahah

Jennie says:

Where is your star sign necklace from its so pretty xx

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