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FULL LIVE REACTION to Mr. Sakurai Presents An ARMS Fighter | RogersBase

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RogersBase’s FULL Live Reaction to the ARMS Smash Direct! NEW SMASH DLC! Today, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Masahiro Sakurai announces the ARMS DLC fighter!

13:20 – Pre-show with PushDustIn
29:27 – Presentation Begins
32:18 – Minmin Reveal Trailer Reaction
36:37 – Minmin Gameplay Reveal Reaction
47:44 – Spring Stadium ARMS Stage Reveal
52:12 – ARMS Song List
53:25 – Mii Fighters (Vault Boy, Heichachi and More)
1:00:44 – Amiibo Reveals

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents a Fighter from ARMS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIMl7Ej8sTM

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WolfSnek-Emerald says:

I love how it looks like he’s using the sleeves the label the fact that those are his arms

Austin Devine says:

Not to sound like a conspiracy but I bet you anything Yabuki saw that Atika was a of Min Min fan and wanted to honor him after he committed suicide I bet you anything that Yabuki put in Min Min to pay tribute to Atika

Daniel Davies says:


YU ST says:


Black Fulminata says:

You ended that stream on a really fun note eyyy had fun throughout tho 😄


牛の骨 says:


mathybrain8 says:

The 'certain manga' is One Piece.

Daniel Martins says:

I really don't understand how people know who the fighter will be, and are completely sure on their guess, yet 100% still surprised when the (this character comes to smash) screen shows up.

Bayonetta Darkrai 101 says:

Poor twintelle didn't make it in, i can't believe they didn't make her a mii costume. If she was a mii costume I would make a twintelle playable character. I'm so happy for min min in smash!! She is going to be my new main!

Thank you Sakurai for putting min min in smash, I'm so glad we finally got a solo female character dlc pass, I been waiting for a female fighter for a past months. Glad for more female representation in smash. Min Min for the win win!!🍜

MrTerminator3010 says:

Real talk, Twintelle would be the most BROKEN character in casual play. Think about it, she has an extra pair of arms, so theoretically she could attack normally WHILE using an item!

Over Soul says:

When will you continue Bleach and magi & jojo greatness?

FuryousD says:

im not that big a fan of arms, i for the longest time just thought it was a gimmicky fighting game, i just recently downloaded the demo after watching the min min reveal trailer and i have to say i like it but its still too pricey a game to want to buy, this gameplay video also has me wanting to play smash again, i think once min min comes out ill def pick up smash again and be using her since she has everything i want in a smash character

FuryousD says:

excuse me, who plays awakening with male robin, i do, why would u play as female robin? then u couldn't marry any of the waifus, now in smash that's a totally different thing i wouldn't play male robin in smash fuck no

ForeverDegenerate says:

@RogersBase I just wanted to point something out that Sakurai either intentionally didn't draw a lot of attention to or forgot: MinMin has incredible Close Range Combat if you know how to use her. She's got kicks for days! Based on what Sakurai showed, I have to assume that she will wreck face up close if you use kicks. She's basically Chun Li up close. So if you switch between ARMS and Kicks, she, pretty much, can't be touched. Just use your kicks to move your opponents out to ARMS range, then unleash with ARMS to leverage her power. Basically, if you pay attention to your surroundings and get good with fast-swapping not only her ARMS, but between ARMS and Kicks, she, basically, has the whole field covered in terms of range. And with her Kicks, she's kinda got aerial covered too because her Flash Kick looks rather strong and fast. Between that Flash Kick and her Chakram ARM, I believe aerial attacks will be hard to land against a Pro Level MinMin. Combine that with her unmatched coverage from stage edge to stage edge and her ridiculous mobility and evasion and I think we have a broken character on our hands. At least the higher levels. At the levels that the majority of players will be playing at, I think her effectiveness will vary because coordinating all of what I mentioned will be difficult without that Pro Level Training so your Joe Average Player will be able to take advantage of the weaknesses that will present themselves due to lower skill. Now I'm not a SMASH Expert or anything. Hell I still don't have Ultimate yet, but that's only because I don't have a Switch yet. But I have decades of experience (not at high levels) with Fighting Games in general and just video games in general so I'm just giving my observations based on that. I think she's going to be incredibly fun to play and her kit appears to be really deep (especially for a SMASH Fighter), but I think at Tournament Level she's going to be borderline, if not outright, broken with everything she can do.

MrAuthor3DS says:

1:06:46 Uh, if this is Japanese Vegeta, then wouldn't it be "It's over 8000?!" I'm just saying.

MrAuthor3DS says:

54:12 I kinda understood immediately why the Callie costume is for Brawlers and the Marie one is for Gunners – Callie's favorite weapon type is Rollers (close-range), while Marie's is Chargers (long-range).

Over Soul says:


linling219 says:

So you knew how you were accepted in Japan! lol
I love Roger-niki as well 🙂

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