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FOUNDATION Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi, TV Series

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FOUNDATION Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi, TV Series
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David Parks says:

This is a Classic. This, and the rest of the series must be read. No movie producer will ever honour a classic properly. They will Abrahms it and it will be McDonalds sci fi.

philjohnson725 says:

Oh please. Apply trying to better people's lives? Since when?

Daniel Johnson says:

I was excited when I saw Jared Harris was playing Seldon. I’m not so excited after having seen the trailer. So much diversity, yet so little substance. I can just tell from looking at this that they’re going to do to Foundation what those corporate hacks did to Star Trek. It’s such a shame. This could’ve been so great. I really hope I’m wrong.

HolloVVpoint says:

Bet they will ruin the trilogy. The original foundation was a purely science fiction master piece, this will probably be some modern PC Nonsense.

I hope I’m wrong and they stick to the literature.

Country Boy Tell'em reactor says:

I watch the series I never read the books so it should be good

Christopher McKeon says:

Apple wants to better people's lives??? HAHAHA what a farce.

Felipe Herrera salinas says:

All my favorite Asimov is here so I’m sold.

Karel Benák says:

Isaac Asimov did not deserve this filming 🙁
But what we want in a time of political correctness and gender. I will at least force the children to read the books before seeing this "masterpiece"

Brian Bostwick Smith says:

When I heard about this project, I re-read all seven books. A bit apprehensive about this tho. Hope they don't take too much "dramatic license" and ruin a great conecpt

Player7 says:

Been waiting…

Pavel Hranáč says:

Comparing Apple to the Foundation? So that's why you can't do your own repairs on Apple products? Because like the Foundation, Apple needs others to be technologically dependant on them? Makes sense I guess

Othoap Proto says:

This is not going to go well, I fear too much creative license will stain the original story.

Mass Ryb says:

1:26 Salvor Hardin really? Other cast looks good, even a girl as Gaal Dornick.

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