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Foundation – Teaser Trailer Reaction

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Adam and Jay react, review, riff, and rate the teaser trailer for the upcoming Sci-Fi show Foundation.

Original Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgbPSA94Rqg

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/bnSmEkH

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Anton Roby says:

It predates most sci-fi except for John Carter. Looks visually stunning but it's Apple, and Apple is forbidden fruit that I don't touch.

marie-hélène martel says:

I really hope this at least keep the themes and philosophy of the books, contrary to the piece of sh*t that was "I, Robot."

citizenbobx says:

If they get the dramatization on it just right, it will be:
Dr. House vs. Negan. In space.

William Gallop says:

Joaquin Phoenix to play The Mule! please!

Sadia says:

I am dreading for this. These 7 books are my childhood. If this is not good enough, they are gonna get huge backlash, like huge! I thought Jonathan Nolan was script writing it. the what happened………!?

Eric Burkheimer says:

Goyer said something about Apple wanting to help the world through technology. No, Apple wants to control the world through technology.

zachary schmidt says:

Jay I’m mailing you my copy right now.

Scott Madej says:

Reminds me of the original Lord of the Rings teaser trailer structure wise and that worked out okay for them: https://youtu.be/2UDTbQrOGa0

Erika Figueroa says:

Awww Jay seems like NYC quarantine is getting to ya. I feel the same, polite decorum is slowly slipping. But I love it, I am here for it!!! LOL Adam was knocked off his game.

citizenbobx says:

Very cerebral, idea-driven rather than character driven. Books are brilliant, but only brilliant in their way. Anyone hoping for STAR WARS would be in for a disappointment, so I don't know why the he77 he made that reference. Not SW, not DUNE, not GoT unless they conjure up cool characters from out of nowhere. Like all Asimov stuff, pretty much unfilmable unless you change the whole story. Really on the fence.

J White- says:

What did he say? What did Jay say? I can't read lips!!! Aaaaagh!

Zaldrizo says:

This one, let's watch this one together… 😁

Hi Adam 😉

ZombieMom73 says:

Damn. Just when I was thinking about cancelling my Apple TV subscription they go and throw this at me! LEE PACE!!!! JARED HARRIS!!!! In a sleek sci-fi saga!!! Yes, please!

1938Superman says:

This was a very Apple move. It makes more sense if you're familiar with how Apple sells products. Having someone involved with whatever they're selling come on screen to talk about it is their go-to strategy. Especially since when they're selling you on the specs of their new computer, it feels more like they're trying to sell you a freaking lifestyle brand. They never just show the thing. They want to shape the narrative about the thing by actually narrating it. They don't quite understand yet that this isn't how TV shows work. BTW I say this as a loyal lifelong Apple customer. I am pretty frustrated with them lately though.

Greg Steele says:

They're trying to head off the John Carter of Mars effect: It looks like a rip-off of a bunch of other things, but it actually came BEFORE all the things people think it ripped off. Also, no one now really knows what it is, so there's no hype to see it.

Greg Steele says:

2:28 Korin''s Tower. Nice. 😉

Greg Steele says:

I really want to watch this, but I really don't want to get another streaming service.

cory hawks says:

The thumbnail seriously looks like Avatar The Last Airbender

Jigsaw407 says:

Too bad that it is for Apple TV. That means that this show simply doesn't exist for me.

John O says:

Here’s what I took away from this…I REALLY want a ride on the space elevator! 🌎🪐🌕

Austin Arminio says:

"From the co-writer of Batman Begins and the Dark Knight"

And the full writer of Blade III and Batman v. Superman

Andrea Burke says:

I would watch for 2 hours just to hear Adam talk about some of the things Jay says before the camera rolls!

Michael M says:

You should read foundation. And I don't know many real star wars, star trek, sci fi fan boys that don't already know that Foundation is a big deal.

jinxie712 says:

I saw that “Oh wow” when they mentioned Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Lower you excitement. It’s David Goyer. He’s another version of Simon Kinberg. He sucks. Lol

s0litudin0us says:

I’d love to see the other series in the meta series too (Robots/Empire/Foundation). Built in sequel series for Apple makes this a smart choice.

Bhrymm says:

I feel like this show will be visually stunning and have amazing scope of story, but iirc if it sticks close to the books, it will essentially be "Anticlimax: The Series"

CJ Lorraine says:

If “Space Elevator” was sung by Michael McDonald. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Not bad Jay, lol. Chonk those numbers. Also…
Are you guys gonna react to ‘Lovecraft Country’? Have you already and I just can’t find the video? What’s happening with that? 😬🙏🏾

ashley hoover says:

10/10 Jay Jokes We'll Never Hear

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