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Foundation — Teaser | Apple TV+ | REACTION and REVIEW!!!

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Foundation — Teaser | Apple TV+ | REACTION and REVIEW!!!

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Hey! Welcome to the Crew! We are the MackeyFam. We do daily vlog, travels and adventures over on our vlog channel. But here we react to everything and anything we into! Subscribe and geek out with us over all the fun things!!!

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MackeyFam Reacts says:

Hey Crew! What are you thinking about this one!? How cool!

Roj Blake says:

Will Apple do this justice?, no of course not. We can only hope they don’t screw it up to much.

Nemo Marc says:

This series on Foundation is just incredible the visuals the general atmosphere too bad it's an Apple TV + exclusive I hope they will distribute this series on other channels.

Multiserviços Reptecno says:

For the material made available by Apple ….
Or "suitable" for the current times, if you prefer.
Asimov's readers should not spoil the literary experience of the work with yet another shallow pyrotechnic show from streaming.

William00048 says:

They have repurposed and destroyed Star Wars and Star Trek. Now they will repurpose Foundation in a gender swap to a young black woman so that she can overcome Privilege to get representation for the average Terminus citizen. So that [s]he can get disparaged and ridiculed by the council board while all the time [s]he was right. You just know that the council will predominantly be older white men and the most vociferous will be all older white men. Let Asimov sleep in peace and keep your 21st century culture war in this century. Make your own woke crap and stop destroying much loved IPs.

austin1839 says:

Show the trailer and NOT yourselves!

Simon C says:

Asimov = awesome….. Apple = minimart. Apple tv+ wtf? Dumb dumb dumb.. Ta ta 🙂

ChampBoy13 says:

u guys should watch the planet of the apes trilogy

spirit man says:

React to LiSA-gurenge first take 10/10

Ed by VekTor says:

"Tom Clancy’s The Division – "Yesterday" TV Spot trailer" this is an incredibly cool trailer, I highly recommend making a reaction to it, I think you'll like it)

Alejandro Alcuate says:

Hey can you guys react to meliodas vs the 10 comandments

Nysguy2003 says:

Have you guys seen the Bill and Ted trailer? Why havent you reacted to that???

OmegaRed says:

Has Apple TV got any better? I cut it off after the Morning show ended

MI: 3 says:

it looks amazing

Timeless Teasers says:

why u stop posting WESTWORLD episodes ? 😡


😍😘Plzzz…. Reaction… Indian Film "KGF" Trailer 1 And 2 Trailer🤩🤩🤩World of KGF Awesome movie Guys… 😍🥰

Ryan Phillips says:

React to Sword art Online!! I will pay you!!!

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