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FOUNDATION Official Trailer (2021) Sci-Fi, TV Series HD

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FOUNDATION Official Trailer (2021) Lee Pace, Sci-Fi, TV Series HD
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Joe Anon says:

Something tells me it's gonna be woke and suck as a result, but here's to hoping not.

Jeremy Jacob Yuck says:

I positively LOVED Asimov’s entire Foundation series. I am so very titillated by the prospect of this tv series. I cannot wait to watch it. Asimov would no doubt be proud!

chirag sharaf says:

I thought that was Dev Patel 🤣🤣

perpetual61 says:

Not enough Lee Pace.

Thread Bomb says:

0:44 Actual trailer starts here.


An "alien" in the last scenes? Give me a break! We all know Asimov never write about any alien in foundation saga, all life in Galaxy was anhihilated by Calvinian Robots armies ─R. Daneel Olivaw never stopped that massacre─. And the only ones to scape from that purge runaway to another galaxy. This Tv series pointed to Star Wars. Bad bad bad thing.

abcun17 says:

I love how they plug Apple as trying to improve life or some such through connectivity. The fact that they link Apple to Asimov is shameful. Asimov and the Foundation novels stand for the complete opposite of what Apple is and represents. How is Apple improving lives? Through slave labour in China and elsewhere? Instead I’m glad they gave us this pile of woke excrement that will act as a morality lesson…

Karen Coffelt says:

This looks like it's going to be very good.

Luciphell says:

Please keep in mind, just because he says that, does not make it true. They need to stop trying to bolster up their new IPs they have no faith in by trying to link it to other well known and well loved(once) franchises.
That said, I'm looking forward to this.

Laurence Miller says:

Ooo, I sure hope this is full of identity politics

sabersaw5611 says:

I don't understand what it's about…

This Wishing Wall says:

How is Lee Pace so beautiful?

North Slovak Mapping says:

holy shit i was waiting for this trailer for so so long, im exited about the mule era filmed

Fortunate Fool says:

You lost me at "An Apple Original". Oh, well. Next video.

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