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FOUNDATION Official Trailer (2021) Jared Harris, Sci-Fi Series

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First trailer for Foundation.


Dauda András says:

Of course Salvor Hardin is a black women!
What else…

Dauda András says:

Couldn't you do this before the Woke/SJW era could you…?

Dauda András says:

Make it with 2020 woke writers and producers?
You can't be wrong…
Let me guess all the Cleon, Riose and The Mule will all be cis white males and there will be some space racist groups riiight…?

Mr.DeadLifts says:

Why the forced diversity? Why? If you want certain characters to be the way you want, then make your own story. Don't butcher the classic.

Claudio Bangrazi says:

Why the protagonist character of the story is turned int a woman and a she is also an half-breed?! YOU HAVE BROKEN THE NUTS OF THE WHOLE WORLD POPULATION WITH THE POLITICALLY CORRECTNESS!!!!

mrpositronia says:

You can guess what I'm thinking right now… Is R Daneel in there somwhere? Hehe

Heenal says:

Speaking of TV adaptions of amazing books based around futuristic Galatic Empires… anyone know what the hell happened to Amazon Primve Video's 'Consider Phelebas' project?

Pac1fic0 says:

They are screwing it up like they did with I Robot.

Oleg Novikov says:


Matthijs Klaassen says:

Hari Saldon, beltalowda!

Tomaras Theodoros says:

I see that they've chosen to walk the woke path. Plus nothing in this trailer resembles the books. I'll pass.

Charles Chapman says:

I'll pass, to dark.

Laust Peter Nielsen-Norman says:

I looks cool but I can't see the book in it. Trantor is a bright city planet with most off the population living underground in big bright place's.

Alex Greene says:

Yeah, I can smell the nationalism in this, like sulphur fried in sump oil. The comments section really doesn't help sell this to me.
Thanks, commenters, by the way. At least you're all honest, unlike this ad.

tHeWasTeDYouTh says:

I am surprised Hari Seldon isn't black or gay………..it is 2020 after all

urbano83 says:

The sound design in this is off the charts. Welll done!

Fernando Esteban Zuñiga Andrade says:

Always thought that Hari Seldon was going to be played by Anthony Hokins… but Jared Harris is also a great actor . =)

Martin Jepsen Andersen says:

Funny, i don't recall a single action sequence in the book series….

David Strobel says:

HS in this trailer: "It is not a theory." Dammit, one more time tv writers don't know the difference between the colloquial and the scientific meaning of "theory!" Scientist HS would know and use the word like a scientist; a framework that both present and predicted observations fit. Not the common use of "wild-assed guess." Asimov would shake his head in disappointment but not surprise.

R4kd05 says:

Blacks and latinos and asians, how very diverse. Hard pass.

Herb Dean says:

There's no monsters in foundation. There aren't even predators. Tigers and wolves and bears and such are myths. They build stable ecosystems on planets without introducing dangerous fauna. Lots of people live off yeast and bacteria farms. I really hope they don't fuck this up. Foundation doesn't get mystical until way later in the books when it deals with the mule, Gaia, the robots and time travel. The slow build and reveal of all that stuff is what made it all so epic and magnificent when its revealed and all the cards are on the table

Алексей Волков says:

Предчувствие: говносериал, как ведьмак у нетфликс (

MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster says:

That looks Woke enough to skip. Sad. The books are really good.

Wayzor says:

Can't wait to torrent this.

R Jones says:

Will we ever stop hearing that Inception sound effect in movie trailers? 🤔

David Caesar says:

I think it looks fucking incredible. You'll notice that one of the leads is a young black girl, but somehow we're not beaten over the head with the political correctness. So what's the difference between this and say, The Force Awakens? Story. Character. Directing. Wow. I'll bet it's the next Game of Thrones.

Mephist Z says:

So Gaal Dornick is a teenage girl now……

Couch Ninja says:

It wouldn't be modern sci fi without humourless mixed race characters with middle class English accents.

Bela Bucsko says:

Trantor the main Bureau planet better look like nothing we have ever seen on canvas. That young starwars dude should play the Mule with that face.

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