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FOUNDATION Official Trailer (2021) Apple TV, Sci-Fi TV Series HD

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FOUNDATION Official Trailer (2021) Apple TV, Sci-Fi TV Series HD

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Mazyar says:

Apple, make sure you tick the ethnic diversity box; just like your apple product ads

Joshua Kellerman says:

This trailer is so far tonally from the books. Asimov was a Chemist at Columbia University and he loved pendantic dialogue. His scenes were lighthearted and the book was based on the end of the Roman republic – think extravagance, beauty, and lightness. You know, fat men and women on cushy couches eating grapes and frivolously talking about their wealth and how bored they are. This looks antithetically post-apocalyptic. Don’t be fooled by the great special FX; the storytelling is wrong even from the trailer. Sad truth: the American public can’t concentrate on anything for more than 2 seconds. Bwaaaaaaah! I’m sorry to say this but, this, like anything else in TV trying to entertain higher thought today, is doomed for perversion and ultimately failure.

Don’t have faith in tech institutions. The visionaries have all died out or have become corrupted beyond genius by money and committees.

Wp Muhammad says:

Please don’t make the movie into a watered down pc version of the books. Please do them justice. IMHO, the Foundation series is one of the most important stories in the sci -fi genre.

Thean Hoo Yew says:

I hope they don't fuck it up like they did with Star Trek Discovery and Picard.

LucidLegend84 says:

Not gonna lie looks pretty dull

Isaac ᛊᛁᛚᚹᚨ says:

I finished the 5th book recently, I hope that this will be good

Dan Smith says:

My favorite character, at least in TV/Movie SF, is Captain Sisko in Deep Space Nine. Worf is a close second. (In print, it’s John Carter or Leto II, depending on when you ask.) Now, however, when I see a multiracial cast, I know to expect ham-fisted diversity propaganda. I would love to be proven wrong, but that’s been the trajectory of Hollywood lately, so my expectations are low.
Science Fiction is about studying the human condition by putting characters in truly extraordinary situations. Reducing those characters to a checklist of surface characteristics denies the essential humanity that makes them work in the first place.
Avery Brooks once shot down someone blathering about his importance as a “black” actor. Paraphrasing here – “I don’t get up thinking ‘What brown thing can I do today?’ I just try to do my best.”
As far as the Foundation books go, I enjoyed them, but every big idea Asimov is credited with actually came from John W. Campbell. Psychohistory, the Three Laws, all of it. Asimov was his pet project.
Isaac himself was kind of a scumbag. He was serial groper who assaulted dozens of women. His son David Asimov was caught with a colossal collection of child pornography, one of the biggest ever found in California. A real classy family.

guyinthewhiteT says:

I know this will suck but I'm still gonna watch it

Robert de Meijer says:

First Dune, Now foundation 2020 isn't as bad after all

agostinog says:

Ma che cos'è sta roba??? Liberamente e vagamente ispirato ai libri direi. L'idea di base forse è la stessa, tutto il resto non centra niente. Che peccato, mi sono sempre chiesto come mai non abbiano ancora fatto una serie ispirata a questi libri, ma questo sembra più un mix tra Star Wars e The Expanse.

OnceWasARose says:

Caves of Steel would have been a much better Adaptation, I feel like Foundation won't make much sense as a TV series.

Chernobine says:

Honestly, it looked like a DC movie with that lights, and centered in the action, the music remind me of inception, and it's seems to adapt only the intro and chapter one, that is really short for a entire season, a movie or a miniserie would feet perfectly, but make it so long sounds like the writers would put a lot of original content.

I really loved the books and I'm hopping for a great adaptation, but looking at this trailer mae me sad.

Sorry for any grammar mistake, English is not my native language.

Mario Aguila says:

He esperado esto por décadas. Aunque no es tan de gusto popular, no tanta aventura, es una obra genial. Creo que el público ya está preparado

Sebastián Yakimavicius says:

Gaal Dornick seems to be a little black girl in the series. Odd, given that Assimov clearly described him as a white male. Disappointing twist of elements just to keep up with the cultural mood of our times.

d sv says:

Star-Wars is NOT sci-fi. It's fantasy.

Mike Britton says:

This gives me chills. Advanced nerds will also know Asimov's Robot series, which informed Blade Runner, TNG, and many others who may not even know it. CHILLS!

George Anderson says:

I'll say it in one sentence: AWESOME!!!!

Tarlev says:

Looks cool..
But I dont think Apple was created to for the good of people.. But made to earn money from people..

RockNRollin HoneyBadger says:

Please leave out the sjw shit out of this.

Rodolfo Rangel Rodrigues says:

OK, now I want to see Mule

zeul1337 says:

anyone know where I can freeze myself for 6 months so I don't have to wait?

Blue M. Hart says:

This doesn't feel very similar to Foundation, but since I found Foundation a chore to read (I love Asimov though), I'm pretty open to a more action-packed interpretation. If it had been filmed as written, it wouldn't hold my attention.
Now, if they got their hands on the Robot series, we might have a problem.

CHICtribute.com says:


The first trailer for "Foundation" based on Isaac Asimov's 1000 year saga about the fall of the Galactic Empire and the fight to shorten 30.000 years of misery, war and evil, to just a thousand years, through the help of a new break-through science called "psychohistory" through which one can anticipate and follow/predict history given enough of a mathematical mass.

The last great scientist of humanity, Hari Seldon, invents this science, and sets up a plan to counter the long period of barbarity to follow, through the means of two foundations at each side of the galaxy. The Foundations have one task, and that is to gather the knowledge of humanity and preserve it through the period of darkness.

BUT this is not really what the Foundations are set up to do.

Isaac Asimov's work, considered the best sci-fi series of books of all time, is based on Edward Gibbon's "The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire" (published 1776-1789) covering the years 98 CE to 1590 CE (Nota Bene; the Roman Empire fell in 1453 CE).

Noah says:


Moshe Feder says:

If you guys actually read the books, you know that most of the “action” is people talking to each other. A strictly literal transfer to films or a mini-series would be a snooze-fest. An effective adaptation will have to take Isaac's ideas and find ways to dramatize them and make them interesting visually.

I think those of you eagerly attacking Robyn for “selling out” before you've even seen the work should be ashamed of yourselves. I first met her at the Boston Worldcon in 1971, and I can assure you she is fiercely loyal to her father and determined to protect his legacy. She made her involvement a condition for licensing the rights to his magnum opus precisely because she wants to insure that the necessary changes are true to the spirit of Isaac's work, even if they must depart from the letter.

So let's all calm down, be grateful for the money Apple is willing to spend — I bet a lot of folks there have read the books and love them as we do — and withhold our opinions and complaints until we've seen the finished product.

Robert Lynch says:

I am excited by this

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