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Foundation – Official Teaser Trailer (2021) Jared Harris, Lee Pace

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In the teaser trailer for Foundation, showrunner and executive producer David S. Goyer unveils a glimpse into the making of the epic saga, which chronicles a band of exiles on their monumental journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization amid the fall of the Galactic Empire. Foundation will debut on Apple TV+ in 2021.



Lammy4ever7 says:

I'm currently reading the novels and I'm just wondering how in the heck they're going to do it.

nafnist says:

I'll surely be disappointed unless they stay true to the original books

heliopyre says:

Turkish Airlines 2.0

Bill Proud says:

Stanley Tucci co-wrote Batman Begins?

Nathan Bonsal says:

Still not getting apple anything

Rare Ghost says:

Why play a teaser before the teaser? When did people think this was a great idea?

Aussious07 says:

The moment I saw Goyer I immediately checked out.

TesGon says:

There is a guy where I work who read the books….he claims these series will fail to deliver. Oh I like these humans)))

AnnoyingVulture says:

Lol, Apple.

Deadly Mesh Designer says:

So the company that sells phones that cost the same price as kidneys is the company that betters people's life through tech…… OK….

scar face says:

What's up with this mini trailers before the trailers lmao

Emerson Sortun says:

This looks promising but bad look for Apple being so far up their own b hole

Raiden Westerman says:

Yeah you immediately lost me and probably almost everyone when you said, "apple"

༺jake༻ says:

How to encourage pirating: Apple exclusive content

Андрій Шарга says:

I think this costumes are in Dune style

Henning Gu says:

On its an Apple TV exclusive.

Thought it was kinda weird that he put Apple in the trailer

Zojiro says:

Not sure I understand, is this Star Wars or not?

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