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Foundation Apple TV Show: What We Know So Far

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Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series is being adapted into a new TV show on Apple’s streaming service, Apple TV+. In this video I give an overview of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy as well as what we know so far about this upcoming 10 episode streaming series. I also give my thoughts on what we saw in the Foundation trailer.

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Alex de Sousa says:

That comment from Apple was truly sad and regrettable as I was thinking of signing up to the service in future to watch the series. I'm in two minds now.

John Mack says:

Spoiler, Foundation and the Robot series are connected… Robots. Remember I Robot with Will Smith and Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams? Both Asimov books.

tannji says:

Thank you for the comments/reaction with regards to Apple and the faithful adherence to the philosophy of the Foundation universe. I have no faith in Apple, nor their choice of writers, based on previous works. As important as this project could be to millions of Asimov fans, there is a lot on the line here.

William Gallop says:

Who has seen the lowbudget Nightfall-movie? (1988)

Reoh says:

The ability to take issues from our time and put them into a fictional future to analyse free from our preconceptions is one of the best parts of great sci-fi series.

Dularr says:

From the look of the trailer, this is going to be another dystopian sci fi series. They are going to show the fall of the empire and plucky adventures trying to establish a new corporation on the edge of the galaxy.

W&K Bowser says:

That was fantastic. Thank you for another insightful video. I can't believe I missed it for a week. Oh well, that'll teach me to double check that I've turned on notifications.

Abby W says:

I bet Asimov would not appreciate the comparison to Apple knowing about the slave miners used in the Congo to get their rare earth metal needed and the suicidal employees of their Chinese factories.

Cary Rodda says:

Totally agree on the comments regarding aligning Isaac Asimov and Apple. Not saying he might not have been on board, but speaking for him posthumously leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Robb Patterson says:

A lose adaptation in today’s Hollywood equals terrible.

Michael C says:

I am currently re-reading the entire series including the Robot books and others in the order he listed in Prelude to foundation. The series astounded me when I read them as a teen in the 70s. Still great as I re-read them and I think I am enjoying and understanding them more now. Thanks for the video! Well done. Hopefully the show will be worth waiting for.

Marleta Patterson says:

I look forward to this show…especially Lee Pace (who I'm a big fan of). He won me over as an admirer a long time ago. I especially loved him as Thranduil in The Hobbit! He's a very talented actor and wonderful at anything he takes on!

ojbauge says:

I see this as another 'I Robot'.looking at the characters released so far it seems many were noy in the first book. Also call me sexist but R.Daneel Olivaw (Demerzel) was male in 5 books.If they are willing to change core fundamentals I don't hold much hope for the rest. Time will tell.

Mark Novak says:

It is frustrating having to subscribe to so many streaming services each with their own anchor. Asimov linked the Foundation decades later with the Robot novel and the Galactic Empire novels like 'Pepple in the Sky' are good reads as well. I almost wish they could link in 'End of Eternity' as Azimov said this story in loosely linked in with the Foundation as well. Ten episodes could cover the first broke but the burdens of adding action and showing you are 'woke' will be challenges in telling this story right. OK, Mind open to them giving the epic a try.

Edward LeCore says:

Can't wait for the amazing adventures in intersectional land. Why anyone from Asmimov's family would have anything to do with this abomination is beyond me. Burn in Hell Holywood.

Toxic Man Flu says:

I am thinking Foundation will be done similar to Cloud Atlas, though I eventually enjoyed the movie it was not a success by any stretch of the word. This will be difficult for anyone to adapt for general audiences, so I don't hold out much hope given how Hollywoke has been going the past several years. Good run down as always Nerd Cookies

Paul F. McDonald says:

I still miss Josh Friedman and the Sarah Connor Chronicles … 🙁

Wayne Grave says:

They gender swapped gaal dornick ? F this- they better fix this now or not only won’t I buy their streaming service – my next phone won’t be an apple

Wayne Grave says:

Gender swapped? Let me guess…

History Eraser Button says:

The producers worry me about this but I hope it is good.

History Eraser Button says:

Yay Nerd Cookies covering Foundation. Weee

Kenneth Cook says:

I loved reading these novels. I read them all consecutively and could not put them down. A good adaptation would be awesome. However, I am leery about subscribing to another streaming service as well. Wish it was on Amazon.

Tarka Jedi says:

Just finished a fun live stream!!!

silverd1305 says:

Anderson Dawes is in it so I have to watch it. But between this and Dune I have no hope any of it will be good. Let's just hope Apple doesn't meddle in it too much and that people who are doing this know what they are doing.

Silvio Victor Campos says:

Great vid as usual. I agree with your cautious optimism and I felt uncomfortable with the seemingly condescendent attitude of Apple. Overall it's a fine (and somewhat grim) time to be a nerd introvert. Dune and Foundation on the horizon. After "The Expanse" I feel hopefull.

jimmy wrangles says:

The problem they'll have is that Foundation jumps a century or more throughout the story so they'll be introducing new characters all the time. I imagine that will be hard to film without losing the audience. Hari is the only character that remains throughout the story so it'll be interesting to see how they deal with it. Excellent upload as always. EDIT, I was also disturbed by the Apple promo during the trailer, I don't like swearing in my replies to your uploads but just this once…Apple piss me off.

Ice Guy says:

I've read Asimov's entire fiction bibliography. When reading several, I could visualize a movie or mini-series. Foundation wasn't one of them.

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