Forza Horizon 5 – NEW CAR SOUNDS GAMEPLAY! Supra, Customization & MORE! (FH5 Gameplay)

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Turns out the new Forza Horizon 5 car sounds are pretty darn good!
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HarenchiFairy / NanaseSytrus says:

Did The Car Comes to forza horizon 5 is Nissan Tsuru?

Jack Bertalotto says:

how is there a supra in it? i thought toyota doesn’t want their cars in games

CarreraGT says:

I’m so happy with this. I played horizon 4 the least out of any Forza purely bc the sounds were shit

מתן הלפמן says:

we cant hear the sounds while you talking

martinmartinstfc says:

I bet the land rovers still sound like race cars

aiva biggen says:

About time the fukked them all up with shite sounds previous games

JordieMotive says:

They used my friend Lee's 850bhp Supra for some of the audio 🙂

Alex Trabal says:

The sounds fucking suck. Hilarious to see all you fan boys think these cars sound like real life hahaha

zKingzv says:

I’m so excited and can’t wait is it nov yet?

Mike Media Productions says:

while trying to hear the sounds..she kept talking over them….

Muhd says:

I heard more human voice than car.!

calum mcgonigle says:

Did they actually make muscle cars sound like muscle cars

Thashlin_naidoo says:

But the Golf R is supposed to be an auto DSG

Kevin Vandeford says:

Oddly enough i actually think the supra sounds off here and i usually think Forza has the better representation of their cars engine sounds , but here it sounds a bit too high note and not as throaty as a supra, that also ironically Gran Turismo seems to hit spot on with regards to the supra at least,and they are notorious for having lesser quality to their car sounds

Rocket Boys says:

What a great idea, let’s show the new car sounds, but talk over them. Smart.

Ketan GSW says:

Ngl nfs does the best work at customisations and sounds

Daniel Noboa says:

Glad, sounds were so MIDI before, now they got a more natural growl to them

Dinero Suarez says:

Lol fm4 had the best car sounds .. this shit still sucks

Adi Nazirul says:

vw golf mk7 doesnt sounds right,thought that golf would come with burble sound,put a valvetronic or somethin would be nice

Zenjihra says:

pls give love to rotary

Tevis Craigen says:

this game is the only reason i’d get an xbox

OutcastGrim2424 says:

The game seems to flow so much better than the previous ones. It’s doesn’t look to be the arcade style of forza much anymore but a balance between the forza motorsport style and horizon style. I feel this one is gonna be a much more entertaining horizon since FH2 or even the original FH

Danny Yaroshenko says:

and for huracan if u TT should have a crazy turbo sounds I hope imagine omg

Danny Yaroshenko says:

golf r should have dsg farts not the slow ass shifting lmao

Arman is the name says:

dude the supra don't really sound like a supra unless that one is stock but i thought the supra will sound like the other black one from the Forza vid where they testing sounds on a airstrip and I thought it was going to sound just like that on but ohh well

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