Forza Horizon 5 : ALL BARN FINDS + LOCATIONS!!

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Here are all of Forza Horizon 5 Barn Finds and Locations! This video will help you unlock all Forza Horizon 5 Barns to unlock cars like Ferrari F40C, Dodge Dart, GMC Jimmy and more! Subscribe for more FH5 Gameplay, Let’s Plays Customization and more!

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0:00 Introduction
1:15 GMC Jimmy
2:22 Jaguar XJR-15
3:14 Ford Escort
4:26 Renault Quatrelle
5:23 Chevrolet Corvette
6:00 Ford F100
6:32 BMW 2002
7:19 Toyota Baja Truck
7:57 Ferrari 250 GTO
8:37 Dodge Viper
9:30 Ferrari F40C
10:05 Porsche 911
10:47 Dodge Dart
11:22 Ford Mustang

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AR12Gaming says:

Barn Finds are different for Forza Horizon 5. Here's how you can find and unlock all 14 of them!

Alanna Cargill says:

Turns out I have been finding them just haven't been facing the right way hahaha

tommy park says:

For me every find is hidden behind missions, I go to the barns and they don't open no cutscene

tommy park says:

I'm going to the barn but it doesn't open?

Gary White says:

I actually have the game now

Muckeldunk says:

Wait but i found the f40 where the gmc was, jaguar where the chevrolet was,

Murrexds says:

7:27, found that one by accident😂

PUGS says:


John Marshall says:

How do you find the mysterious bunco and what was the whole Rison five buddy

Basketball Bro’s says:

You missed the vw beetle

JD Tainui says:

I love the randomize barn finds and adding the 3 with special condition's to unlock is new! The only thing I don't understand there are so many cars that are not featured in the Forza Horizon series, that have yet to make there first appearance in the saga, those need to be barn finds. All kinds of cars all over the world that are awaiting there Horizon debit, hell they could do famous movie cars from fast and the furious saga, gone in 60 secs, etc. all kinds of American muscle cars that still yet to make an appearance in the horizon saga! Make it happen Forza Horizon God's!

Djarfur says:

How much is the house?

Complex_fade04 says:

It won’t let me unlock the cord escort

392_Curtis says:

Ok so I did the tulum expedition and It didnt give me the barn find

Jack Wilkinson says:

Thanks 😊

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