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FLIGHT Said 'Hes Scared Of JUNE CASH' Flight Reacts to Cash vs Brawadis 1v1

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@26:42 when mom tells you and your friend dinner is ready 🤣

1v1 HOOPS says:

Do anyone got the time stamp for when flight says he scared of July Cash? I watched this full vid when it came out but don’t remember when it was smh

mommatoldme says:

brawadis probably smoke hookah and think he a gangsta

mommatoldme says:

Shout out to flight. HE STARTED A MOVEMENT for 1v!

iamteamyou says:

Why you didn’t play Bone like that when you guarded him😳

XD Thrxst says:

I live in West and my friend is great at shooting 3’s

Josh Miller says:

Why I just get the noti for this ? LMAO I already watched it as well.

Shawn Bernard, Jr. says:

Look at cash man so inspirational

Jayloo says:

He a Hoope Rn

vTackyz says:

Who watched the full video?

Brxku says:

Yo that shit pissed me off when he said we got no Hooper's down south…. WHERE TF U THINK ALL THESE PLAYERS COMING FROM

Brxku says:

Had to turn my fan off to listen to this

JontheBlackone says:

yo cash im from ny and we play rough aswell but we do dribble alot u half right

Kevin Gonzalez says:

Brawdis rug finna win but all respect to cash really getting better

Peyton Hughes says:

Brawadis a pus

Rome says:

Cash pls turn the volume up

brandon lewis says:

Cash where’s the hoop , hooper , hooper hooper , hoopest Merch at man come on you slacking , Flight be high and on top every opportunity


The amount of patience cash has is crazy😂 I know a lot of players would of been got heated and left or fought because of the way brawadis kept complaining

itzTr4y says:

Bro what you think was going to happen he is a lightskin basketball player.

Steel Pharaoh says:

Flight done went and grew up on us, my nigga.

Owen Griffin says:

Cash's jumper is flatter than a piece of paper

Qam says:

flight talking like duke dennis inspirational

Jeremiah Williams says:

im a fan but cash is just a lebron that cant shoot

Clutch-Sway _ says:

I used to like Brawadis stg but after this bro it just shows how soft he is like he has neva played real basketball he just used too lifetime ball wit his buddies, i have mad respect fo you Cash straight up🤘🏽💯

DarickThaGawd says:

flight speaking facts when he said fatigue make you shoot worse ❗️

Gabriell Caetano says:

Bruh wait until flight 2025

Ty Tompkins says:

Dude lives in his brother’s shadow.

Tristan Shepherd says:

They like two brothers 😂

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