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First take: iOS 14 and all its new features

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Apple launches iOS 14 at WWDC 2020. The new iPhone OS revamps the home screen, Siri and widgets, as well as adding features such as picture-in-picture video, a new translation app and the ability to use your iPhone to unlock your car. We break down all the major features — plus some that didn’t get a mention during the online keynote.

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Mareko Thunny says:

Apple is more focus on Emoji masks and emojis then actually a whole new UI. I’m staying on iOS 13.5 JB.

Mareko Thunny says:

Just not feeling iOS 14 🍎 bites the dust again.

abhi ram says:

i didnt get public beta update(Xr)

Issy Hamukwaya jr says:

The features that I'm hoping for that were not part of the IOS are Google Maps Go – Directions , Traffic & Transit and Navigation for Google Maps Go.

Marco Vic says:

Don't spoil your phone, Thomsflict 0n |G is the perfect answer for your device upgrading. He fixed mine too. Working perfectly 💯💯

Ty England says:

Okay, I found 2 game changing features no one is talking about. Face ID opens without you swiping up (Kinda) and Apple, finally enabled auto texting (also kinda.

In iOS 14 their is a back tap option. If go into the settings, accessibility, touch, then at the very bottle hit back tip. In the selection you can make it either 2 or 3 taps. Make your selection 2 or 3 the home button. Now when you unlock you device with Face ID, you can read your messages, then tap the back and your phone will unlock.

Follow me on ig @The_Ty_ofurdreams

I will have the guide for auto texting there.

Danny C says:

Why do you have your bicycle in your bedroom?

SanziL Madye says:

So lame ios14

SanziL Madye says:

All the features are so old

wnnalis cioov says:

I have IOS14 it’s amazing , and my favorite new feature is the Phone Calls don’t take over the whole screen!

Derek 1 says:

How many FPS dose it has

Sexandzen says:

icons change

Ære Først says:

It’s Haesten from “The Last Kingdom”

mw3051 says:

will i be able to use iOS 14 on an apple 6S phone ?

yroohj gouy says:

I have IOS14 it’s amazing , and my favorite new feature is the Phone Calls don’t take over the whole screen!

VWHYZ says:

I prefer the old Siri. Using Folders is better than App Library.

Earth Kidkul says:

I think the translation feature is very useful if it's turn out to be exactly what they explain. other than that I'm not too impress but sleep mode is good and can be useful as well.

Hayley G. says:

quick and to the point, thank you! 🙂

gracie’s tutorials says:

6:46 how do you do that??

Imran Ahmed says:

Why I don't have the fitness widget?

mycosic says:

My iPhone overheard bout some of the new features and …. been crying ever since

C wispyWitDaCwumch says:

3:24 next is the ability to have pichture pichture video

Jaimz Art says:

IOS 14 brings widgets
Android: Am i joke to you

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