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First Date Makeup

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Hello sunshine angels,

Here is a First Date Makeup Tutorial as requested. I know first dates can be so nerve wrecking! Hopefully you’ll have one less thing to worry about now- your makeup!

I think every girl wants to look their best without looking as if they’re making too much effort. Yeah that’s right! Who doesn’t want to look effortlessly stunning?

This look is all about looking subtly beautiful. Flirty warm neutral eyes with glowy pink cheeks and softly pigmented lips. To me, first date makeup shouldn’t be too empowering. It should look fresh and radiant.

The makeup should enhance our natural beauty and not totally mask it. This look works well with any outfit and for any occasion. It’s actually one of my favourite looks to wear so you don’t have to only wear it for dates you know.

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Thank you so much for watching! Until next time, take care everyone! I’m off to bed. Good nighttt ^_^

Much love, Bubz xx


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xxsoulgirl0013 says:

"always look dead"' haha

Esthela Metzi says:

oh gosh, this was the first video i ever saw from you! immediately subscribed and have continued following you since! amazing how much life has changed 😊

Michaela Manansala says:

I remember watching this years ago pretending i have a boyfriend 😂 now about 5? years later I actually do have one and I'm still gonna grab a few tips from this video ♥️

Natasha Naeun says:

I remember watching this vid when I was in middle school for fun and now I’m a junior in high school actually about to go on my first date! I love how I grew up watching Bubz haha 😊

Misha says:

I went on my first 'date'. It was awful. He insulted my weight, my height and my piercings and still had the audacity to ask to progress into a relationship. 😑

Angelina says:

I'm watching this for a date with my bias that'll never happen :/ #sadlife

Jennifer Machack Frank says:

Hi! What makeup product did you use on your face and eye for this makeup tutorial? Thanks

Sam Pei Lin says:

Hi, what concealer are you using? Thanks!

pınar Civa says:

Im not sure but is she indonesian?


I love this

Leng Kah Lok says:

to be honest, i love your voice so much than your cutie face !

Marceline Claire says:

I could almost cry watching your videos! You were the one the taught me almost everything I know about makeup! Its been years since I've watched you though… Thank you so much <3

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