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First Date Makeup Tutorial

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I’ve had lots of requests from people asking me to film a first date make-up tutorial as getting your look right for such an occasion can be tricky. I think that one of the most important things to remember is that your personality should shine through no matter what, so if you usually wear a smoky eye then don’t feel like you need to do something different and replace this with a statement lip – if you don’t feel comfortable your date will be able to tell!

First date make-up should also reflect the date itself – think about what you are going to be doing, are you going for a walk in the park, a romantic dinner, or a party or club? When you take all of this into account there’s no one look for all first dates but one thing I’ve learnt from experience is that the majority of guys don’t like women to look like they’re wearing tons of make-up – that means heavy bases and garishly bright lips are out (unless that’s your signature look of course!!).

The look I decided to do for this film follows this – I’ve tried to give lots of generic tips of how you can make yourself look and feel your best, with flawless, glowing skin, full lashes (I’ve used false ones in the film as my lashes aren’t naturally full but if you’re not used to wearing or applying them then it might be best not to – again, a first date isn’t a time to feel uncomfortable) and natural, dewy lips.

In the film I talk about my Grandmother’s make-up related first date disaster story – I’d love to hear any that you might have!

Lisa Eldridge X

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Giovanna Souza says:

?????????? Men prefer????????

The Q says:

But what if I am dating women?

Neemat M says:

I always have to put too much powder otherwise my nose and tzone get very shiny even with primers, what do you recommend in these instances?

Mia González says:

Now I know what men mean when they say they don't like too much make-up.

Cathy Bryant says:

Lisa is the most intelligent MUA out there. She’s really thought out the things that might make someone feel uncomfortable – false eyelashes, lipstick that needs touching up – and gone for a classic look that really glows. Seven years on this is still perfect first date makeup.

Ariel The Little Mermaid says:

Coincidence! ❤❤❤

Derek Ayotte says:

hey theres kids watching this so please no groun up worlds #thx

est1420 says:

Bottom line: most men don't know anything about make up. And also…this will not stop me from wearing red lipstick.

midnightbazaar says:

Lovely video with natural looking make up! Can't believe I'm watching it 8 years later but as in I'm a member from 2007 I do love looking back at earlier videos.

Love the story of your grandmother but must prove your grandad really loved her with or without boils.

I think most men don't like make up or someone who will spend hours doing make up (thinking beyond first date here..)

A good alternative idea might be to just have good skincare hydrated skin, moisturiser etc and tiny touch of eyeliner or lip balm.
Great video Lisa!
P.S. I have Chanel Aqua vitaluminare as I like quite like light weight foundations. I don't wear foundation at all on daily basis so if I do on occasions it has to be natural looking.

Melas Obtrusipolous says:

Am I the only one who thinks that make up only looks good on camera but totally fake in real life?

María Paz Domínguez says:

Have your mom as a guest model!
Lovely makeup and words! xo

Elena MG says:

I am in love🤗

Amanda Smith says:

I don't know if you still look at these Lisa, but I just wanted to say I followed this tutorial for my first date with the guy I've been with ever since 😊 five years strong

Rowan Gilbert-Walsh says:

Rewatching this as I'm about to go on a first date, but with another girl. It's interesting to think about how these tips can be changed for going with a girl, because I feel like she will be more aware of the makeup and appreciate knowing I put effort in. Love this video though and of course a lot of it still applies

Tatie Cardie says:

So much love in that video . Thank you for your advices ❤️

Neemat M says:

I LOVE THIS, also you're so right, that date can still happen anytime, this is great, I have an oily tzone and I definitely need a lot of primer and powder on it which is something I don't love but I'll probably have to keep my tzone routine , otherwise my makeup is usually a no makeup makeup even down to the nude lip so I like this.

dolphin sea says:

very natural.It's perfect.

Becky C. says:

I have been binge watching your videos since I discovered them. They are so relaxing and I’ve learned so much (at almost 60). This has been one of my favorites. Thank you for this labor of love and your giving.

Xiao Zhan Lovebot says:

The fact that this video is 7 YEARS OLD but the look does not seem the least bit dated shows how Lisa pays attention to what looks good, and enhances instead of covering. In the words of another makeup master Lord McLean, trends are for the anxious. Thank you Lisa for being someone I’ve looked up to for so many years xx

Radima Radin says:

2018 still over the top

Julily Isbored says:

This is my all time favourite video! I'd love an updated version with more chatter and advice. I love the story of your grandma

soccerchick9841 says:

Lisa is better than all the “beauty gurls” on YouTube.

Alya Saad says:

Why am I watching this when I feel that on my next date I’ll wear navy lipstick for the first time just to freak him out. Yeah I’m not in the best of places 😈

Niki Bazargan says:

you remind me of my mom, she's classy and kind like you <3 I always follow all your make up tips and really , I couldn't find anything better than yours

Sandra Furtado says:

Beautiful yes I to am starting over at 55. Thank you.

Georgine Verano says:

lisa. reading men’s minds 😂

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