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First Date Makeup

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Hey loves! I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a first date makeup tutorial so I’m excited to share this look today! How do you like to wear your makeup on a first date? Let me know in the comments below! XOXO Don’t forget to subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/SUBMUBC2

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MAC Paint Pot (soft ochre)
YSL bronzer
STILA BARE eye shadow
MAC Reflects Bronze
STILA BARE Matte Shadow (brown)
CONTEM 1G Nude Eye Liner
NAKED Palette Smog shadow
MAC shadow (gold)
CLINIQUE High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara
NARS Radiant Concealer (custard)
SMASHBOX Photofinish Primer
DIOR Forever Skin
LORAC TANtilizer Baked Bronzer
GIORGIO ARMANI Bella Donna Highlighter
MAC Dangerous Matte Finish
LORAC Showgirl Matte Finish
BUXUM nude color

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Ivy Gloria says:

what colour is on your nails

Shumayla Khan says:

Awesome video xoxoxo

Pattypluft says:

OMG! she looks to be drugged or drunk! lol Her skin is a mess! Horrible make up! Decadence!

Milena Anđić says:

Sorry, too much

Stefanija Lazova says:

Can you do a tutorial for New Year perfect makeup? I love you. 🙂

Camila Echeverri Mejia says:

Your grains are under 10 kilograms of makeup!!

Nina El Andalusi says:

I think this is a little bit over ..

Neha Satija says:

please grow your hair camela..we miss your long hair:)..okay my personal feedback eye makeup is a bit heavy considering that u already wore a bright lipstick matching your shirt and ur skin does not look glowing as it usually do

Sherena Arunachellan says:

this was an amazing look:)

Paige Neal-Holder says:

I'd probably wear this for a second date. Oh wait I actually need a date…

arnellz says:

idk if its just me but this is wayyy to much! or probably we in the Caribbean accept our features and is more comfortable in our skin. for a first date down here we are fine with a messy bun, skinny jeans a cute top n veryyyy natural makeup. guys rather us without makeup so over the top scares them. guys over here usually makes joke about taking their girl to the beach on the first date. just to see her natural beauty

Anastasia Ry says:

I believe this make up look of yours is too heavy for a first date. Shouldn't it be better just to enhance our features rather than using piles of makeup?

harshal sarmalkar says:

i like it that you apply the liner from outside to inside, unlike most others…i do too 🙂

Deepak Watts says:

Camila Please share your email to answer our queries … so plz share

Ivonne v says:

Camila! you are so beautiful and I LOVE your tutorials! please make a short hair tutorial! 

MakeUpByGio says:

So beautiful! <3 xox

Vanessa Rivas says:

Is that mascara hard to remove ?

GirlieGirlFromBrazil says:

You look absolutely gorgeous, Camila. And you look kind of Spanish, maybe it's the hair and the earrings. Just fabulous!

ThaniaRodrigues says:

Carnival tutorial makeup would be more appropriate lol

Rubz Overdose says:

I was wondering if you can do fall autumn make style with berry lips please and an halloween makeup style please.

Renata Carvalho says:

Vão no meu canal!
Lá fiz a Tag BRAÇOS TROCADOS não perca

Joanna O says:

Very pretty, loved the cat line 😉

bhakti desai says:

Hi Camila! I just lovvveee watching your videos.. Please add on more videos related to fashion as well.. Compare to your other channel in portuguese, the english channel has less videos and even though the other channel videos are soo intresting, its difficult to understand.. Sooo please pretty please try to do the same videos in english as well..

Genesis R. Zepeda says:

Not a first date makeup if you are 14 but if you are around Camilla's age your fist date might be at a bar, dinner or something in the evening so it's actually a perfect look:)

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