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First Date Does My Makeup

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Hey everyone, hope you have been amazing! It’s officially SUMMER and after 6 months of being single, I thought it was time to start dating again… But imagine inviting a guy over and he shows up to take you out to dinner but you haven’t gotten ready.. So you ask HIM to do your makeup. Yes, that’s what’s happening today. Buckle in and watch the journey of Jozea doing my entire face from start to finish before our date!

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Bryan Hernandez says:

Who’s here after Morphe Cancels Jeffree Star

Ayzolio says:

I don't see jeffree as a sister anymore, I see him as the step sister of the beauty community.

Fijisgangster 999 says:

Are you a woman

T. Martinez says:

Breaking news: Jefferson Starly dropped by beauty giant Morphine

Harry Manilow says:

If anyone has sold their soul, it’s this guy.

Kayla Marie Baker says:

I love you !!!!

Wkk GANG says:

Morphe just dropped him completely, now watch him wake up and say something lol

Kate L says:

I miss Jeffree’s videos 😭🖤

Erica Mae says:

Omg that new guy is stunning

David Cruz says:

Here before the comments get turned off.

Robert Whitaker says:

miss u used to watch u every nite know ure busy please release a video soon.

Tammy Muise says:

@jeffreestar, I know your going through it right now, but💯, on your side
Best makeup products ever.

David Cruz says:

Who's here after hearing Morphe dropped their partnership. LMAOOOOOKASJDF

Stella Stinnett says:

Can y’all leave him alone with the hate comments. Hella annoying. Put yourself in his shoes

joo lee says:

Finally Morphe dropped Jeff Starfish, good for them.

Imagine how the co-founders JSC hate Jeffrey now. He is the face of the brand and with such a disgusting reputation. They obviously invested in the wrong person 😂😂😂

Michelle Boedeker says:

All you bandwagoners know you'll be buying his next pallet! 😂

VIC LEON says:

Umm, buh bye. Karma, coming for you now!

Jessica Brown says:

Yo the gym workout at the end was so cringe for me. Like it was clearly just to show off this dudes bod (which is sculpted) but cmon.

soapy soachie says:

i have no idea what everyone is talking about, what happened that made everyone call jeffree disgusting??? please could someone explain??

* {Ginger Flowers} * says:

Are you still friends with Shane..?

Fluke says:

You should change your name to Jeffree Ta'dah, Morphe just dropped this Drag Queen Karen. 2020 is starting to look good again!

Susu Selam says:

Confusion at its best. You are a man period!

Asma Hussain says:

يعععع سوره المقطع مقرفه هههههههه 🤢🤧🤮✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻😂😂😂😂

Taylor White says:

JS: Jeffree Star on a date, BrEaKiNg NeWs !!!
Me: Jeffree Star, not taking a stand against pedophilia & racisim… BrEaKiNg NeWs !!!

Sue Bouis says:

Look, just let him live his life. Everyone acts like all his mistakes, attitudes and business decisions are life and death. We don't have to agree with them, forgive mistakes, we all make them daily. What makes this any of this our business?

Lisha Huffman says:

Where you at Jeffree? What’s up with Morphe, we want to hear from you!! Shame

Veronica Garcia says:

Am I missing something? Isn't Shane the one who talkies about googling naked babies? Not Jeffrey? & if Jeffree backed up Shane wouldn't u guys shame him for backing a pedophile?? 🤔 in confused!

alle bellane says:

Who else remembers him from v show I just can’t remember

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